8 Myths about Foods and Drinks That We Consume

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We all have been told by our grandmothers, parents, and many other people around us, about their beliefs regarding eatable and drinks. Actually, those beliefs are merely myths that have been developed many years ago, and are continuing as a belief till today. As per research by medical sciences, no such thing or reality exists about such foods and drinks.


Today, I am going to reveal the biggest myths about food and drinks, which we consume, and I am sure that you will also be shocked to know the truth, just like I got when I heard about the reality of such foods and drinks.

Myth#1- Carrots Can Improve Eyesight


I think it is one of the biggest myths in our lives. Whenever we have an eyesight problem, every mom suggests her child to drink carrot juice and all other carrot preparations. It is believed that carrots are a rich source of vitamin A, and hence can cure the eyesight problems.

Actually, the myth dates back to the time of World War 2. The British Intelligence service spread the rumors that their pilots ate a lot of carrots, and that’s why were able to destroy German targets. The reality was that they were able to destroy German targets because of the use of radars, and not carrots.

Myth#2- Eating Spinach Can Make You Stronger


This is another biggest myth associated with our lives. Since childhood, we have been watching Popeye having a tin of spinach, and becoming powerful instantly. The truth about spinach is that it does not make us stronger. In fact, spinach has very low levels of iron, as compared to other green and leafy vegetables.

Actually, many years ago it emerged as a vegetable with high levels of iron, in a report, due to a typo mistake. In the report, half a tin of spinach was reported to have 34 gm of iron, while in reality, it is just 3.4 gm. The myth continued to exist for years, and made spinach very popular because of low price of this vegetable, and of course because of Popeye.

Myth#3- Coffee is Harmful for Our Health


Coffee is one of the favorite drinks, consumed by people all over the world including India. It is believed that coffee hits nervous system and affects our body and skin. But a survey in Harvard University with 1.25,000 people showed that 30 percent of women who drink coffee are less likely to suffer from Diabetes 2. Moreover, coffee prevents you from cancer of colon and rejuvenates your body. 2-3 cups of coffee a day are absolutely harmless for body.

Myth#4-Fresh Is Always Better Than Frozen


The time since pointed out the benefits of antioxidants, people started to believe that only fresh fruits and vegetables are good for their health, and preserved food is detrimental to their health. The reality is that when fresh fruits and vegetables are cut, they are at the top of their nutritional value, and if they are sent to factories to freeze, it locks their nutritional value. While, if those fresh fruits and vegetables are kept on racks and shelves, it may lose nutritional value due to environmental factors like dirt, air, and moisture.

Myth#5- Eggs Increase Cholesterol


During 60s and 70s, the scientists related cholesterol to heart diseases. Eggs being high in cholesterol were moved out of almost everyone’s diet regime. But, recent research has shown that heart diseases are caused by consuming saturated and trans fats. An egg contains only 1.6 gm of fatty acids, which is lesser than a glass of milk. Besides, eggs are also a rich source of Vitamin A and D, and does not make you put on weight, even if you consume them daily.

Myth#6- Bananas Can Make You Fat


It is believed that bananas are very high in fat content, and should be consumed in lesser quantities. The reality is just opposite to the myth. Bananas are made up of 95 calories and just half a gram of fat. So, you can now go bananas over bananas.

Myth#7- Chocolate Causes Acne


Some people often come up with the fact that chocolates can cause acne on skin. However, no such clinical research has proven that chocolates are a cause of acne. When it is not proven clinically, you need not to trust anyone. You can eat as many chocolates as you want, just keep in mind the calories part of the chocolate.

Myth#8- Natural Products are Safer than Artificial


Mother Nature has produced and gifted the mankind a lot of precious substances. But all of the natural substances can’t be consumed naturally. Man has created laboratories where he mixes natural products with manmade or synthetic ones, which have been proven to cure many ailments. However, not all artificial substances are good, but as long as a clinical research does not claim about the harm of a product, it is good to be consumed.

There can be so many other myths associated with things around us. I am going to come up with many more myths in my upcoming articles. I would advise you to always check for reality of a product or a commodity, before trusting people around you, as there can be a lot of sayings about a thing whereas reality may stand 180 degrees to it.