8 Most Shocking Photos of Delhi Protest

It’s heartbreaking to see the way some political groups are trying to exploit the emotions of general public attached with the Delhi gang rape case for their own good. The peaceful protest on 23rd was hijacked by some hooligans who joined the protest march and started instigating violence. The march that started in a very peaceful manner soon became an ugly display of innocent people being ‘laathicharged’, naive students being retaliated with teargas and water cannons.

Instead of taking action against the violent groups and hooligans, why were the peaceful protesters the target of brutality by the police? Why did the people who had come for a genuine cause had to suffer injuries on behalf of some anti-social elements?

Now, am not supporting the violent protestors here but this is a cause for which we should all be fighting together and not fighting with each other.

Below are the pictures of the violence that wedged the peaceful protest –

1. A mother trying to safeguard her son against the abrupt ‘laathicharge’.

2. Police officer brutally beating up a protestor he got hold of.

3. Tear gas shells that were fired on the protestors were expired. This shows their so-called concern towards the naive protestors.

4. Helpless crowd!

5. The water cannons and tear gas shells turned the war memorial to a war zone!

6. Talking about safekeeping the dignity of women in this country.

7. What gives them the right to mis-use their power like this?

8. The ugly face of Delhi police!