8 Most Mysterious Places from the Globe to Fuel the Traveler Within You!

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For a traveler, the whole world is a mystery which he constantly tries to sort but what about the places that actually hold a mystifying puzzling side to them. Isn’t that a place you’d never ever want to miss on your travel list? For me, it certainly is! And hence am giving this list of mysterious places from around the world.

1.  The Bermuda Triangle

When it comes to mystery, Bermuda triangle had to be mentioned. The mystery of this triangle between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami in the Western Atlantic Ocean has swallowed a number of ships and airplanes, which just disappeared somewhere in this area. There have been many theories like the compass variation, rogue waves, gulf streams and some have claimed it to be a part of a detailed conspiracy but nothing has been proved as of now.

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2.  Lake Vostak

The largest of the Antarctica’s sub glacial lakes, lake Vostak has been in news for quite some time. Scientists believe that this fresh water lake, 4000 m under the ice surface, might be the home to some 15 billion years old species. They also claim that it’d be something, the world never encountered before, as the species have developed in sheer darkness , and hasn’t ever seen light.

3.  Fly Ranch Geyser

It’s a small geothermal geyser in Nevada which is least known, even to the people of Nevada. A mixture of manmade and natural phenomenon, the fly geyser is constantly growing. The mineral phenomenon under the mount makes the mount on which the geyser is located growing. The place is currently owned by Todd Jaksick.

4.  Moguicheng, China

Also known as the demon city, is the 10kms area Xinjian province of china, which has creepy rock formations. Stories are that, on a hot sunny day you’d hear nice melodies, and on a stormy day you may hear sounds that resemble lion roars and baby cries. There hasn’t been an explanation to the sounds yet. Some people consider the place to be haunted, which I think is obviously not true, but it’d be pretty interesting to visit the place.

5.  Mystery Spot, California

The mystery spot is a famous tourist attraction near Santa Cruz. The mysterious thing about this place is that it defies the law of gravity and makes its visitors go wavering all the time. The tilted cabin like structure seems to lie on flat ground inflicts a number of visual and orientation misconceptions. Experts say, it’s because of the oddly tilted structure of the place.

6.  Socotra

A small archipelago of four islands in Yemen. Probably the most alien-ish place on earth. It’s known for its eccentric flora and fauna, out of which, most is administered by the Yemen government and is not found anywhere else on the earth. Socotra is the habitat to the ‘blood tree’ and rare species of animals. A biological treasure!

7.  The Easter Island

The 50 + feet tall colossal stone statues of the Easter Island, Southeastern Pacific Ocean have been a mystery to scientist since long. It has 887 monuments whose origin is constantly debated. There are different theories about the civilization whose roots lie in the history of this place.

8.  Racetrack playa

The place from California, where the rocks move and leave a trail behind them. However there are no clear interpretations about the movement. Some say, it’s the valley winds, that are responsible for the rock drags. Anyway, it’d be interesting to see the trail of the rocks and their changed positions, and wouldn’t it be awesome to encounter the rock move?