8 Make-up Mistakes that Add Years to Your Age

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Generally, most of the females have a very wrong perception that as they grow older, they need to put more makeup to give their face a youthful blaze. You might be one of them! But, in fact, the reverse is true. Sometimes our good intents go skewed due to the incorrect use of these makeup products.

In order to avoid the risk of adding years to your age, don’t commit the following blunders.

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1.  Skipping out on Foundation


Without the use of foundation, your skin looks shiny in some places and tedious in others. It put your skin’s flaws in the limelight.

Solution- A translucent and sheer foundation livens up your skin. If your skin is oily, a powder foundation is best for you. Apply liquid foundation, if your skin is dry.

2.  Too Light Base


Foundation, lighter than your complexion, will overemphasize those crevices and wrinkles, and make you look pasty.

Solution- Choose a foundation that is slightly darker than your skin hue. Before purchasing, test it by applying close to the jaw line, on your cheek.

3.  Incorrect Application of Blush


If blush is not applied correctly, it emphasizes the wilting skin under your eyes and wrinkles of the cheek.

Solution- Don’t concentrate blush on the apple of your cheek. Brush it up along the cheekbone, with an upward sweep. Choose the blush in right colour. If you have fair or medium skin tone, use peach or pink colour blush. Rich bronze, orange, berries and coral colours best suits the dark skin.

4.  Using Metallic Eye Shadow


Metallic, shimmery and frosty eye shadows exaggerate wrinkles and creased eyelids, making your eyes look tired.

Solution- Use a matte or solid colour eye shades in lavender, taupe or soft peach. These shades work on all skin hues.

5. Cake on Concealer


No doubt, concealer is a very affable product for hiding blemishes. But, the problem begins when you utilize it for concealing the wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes. Instead of covering the dark circles and wrinkles, it highlights them, as it dries.

Solution- Moisturize the subtle skin around your eyes. Rather than applying concealer under the entire eye, use it only on naturally dark areas on the inner corner of your eyes. Always use a brush to apply it.

6.  Applying Eyeliner or Mascara on Lower Lashes


Applying dark mascara on lower lashes and using dark pencil for lining the lower lids make your eyes look smaller, and highlight the dark circles and crow’s feet.

Solution- Apply dark and thin line on your upper lids, that gets thicker toward the outer corner. Whorl your eyelashes, and then apply mascara over the upper lashes.

7.  Skimping on Your Eyebrow


With growing age, the hair of the brow becomes thin. A scrubby and pasty eyebrow makes you look old.

Solution- Add some oomph to them by using a pencil! The colour of the pencil should be lighter than your natural skin tone.

8.  Using Deep Lip Shades


With growing age, the fullness of the lips reduces. Using deep shades for lips make your teeth looks less white. Applying color directly from the tube deposits too much pigment on the lips.

Solution- Use brush to apply lipstick. Dab a little on the center, spreading it to the corners of your lips. Choose vibrant red, pink or peach shades. Use of a sheer gloss gives you an additional fullness.