8 Incredibly Stylish Ways to Help You Wear Metallics

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While the ramp way is buzzing with everything metallic, it may so be noted that implicating the trend in day-to-day life is no walk in the park. There’s a very thin line between looking chic and appearing like you’ve just been nominated in the star cast of a sci-fi movie. The “oh-am-literally-a-robot” look is sure dreadful, but as always, we, at feminiya, are here to snap you out of this faux pas, and introduce you to the 8 uber stylish ways of sporting your metallics.

1.    Mixing Trends


They say whenever in doubt go without! But, it isn’t always a very encouraging thing to do. If you are shrinking away from wearing your metallic, mix it with another trend- a trend that is more subtle and not as attention grabbing as the original metallic (read neon). If yours’ is a metallic dress, pair it with peplum. A metallic skirt looks great when worn with a simple black T-shirt, or combine your metallic bag with a black LBD. Even throwing in a pair of classy black stilettos is going to even out the impact, making you appear absolutely in vogue.

2.    Don’t shy away. It’s all about going bold


Pick one stand-out metallic item, and let it do all the talking. For example, take a shiny top and pair it with a simple jeans, trouser or shorts. Stay light on makeup, as dolling up may make you look very heavy duty. Another added benefit is that you wouldn’t have to accessorize at all.

3.     Animal Prints


Mixing animal print and metallic in just one piece of clothing is a bang on trend. Don’t combine these two trends in separate forms, ‘cuz that is surely not going to work. We love this snake skin skirt with a hint of metallic, which is so cocktail ready. Pick a white or black blouse to go with it and keep light on accessories, a bit of gold arm party is sure to suffice.

4.     Shiny Heels


Shoes ought to be a girls’ best friend, next only to diamonds. When working out a metallic ensemble (and meanwhile, not going overboard), picking a stylish pair of metallic shoes is one fab idea. Just wear them with a basic tee and jeans, and you are good to go. Minimalistic yet trendy, the happy, shiny heels are great for day wear and casual evenings.

5.     Crop Tops


Crop tops are totally trending this season. So, coupling them with your metallic avatar is a super trick (besides, it gives you a chance to flaunt those washboard abs). However, work on your styling, because one might end up looking from a different planet (remember space age), if worn in peculiar ways. Match your crop top with fitted pants or high waist skirts, and keep your hair tied up well (preferably a pony tail).

6.     Metal and Leather


Two high end trends combined in one? Perfect recipe for a fashionista! Pick a leather piece of clothing, tinged in metal flavor and you are set for the evening. A metallic leather skirt, jacket or bag  are the items we’d pick for ourselves. Go easy on accessories and give your over all look a dash of contemporary.

7.     Metallic Bags


Right after our love for shoes, our devotion for bags comes next. Metallic bags spell chic like none other, and are suitable both for daytime and nights around town. You can pick golds, silvers, or even rose golds, which are a big hit this season. Right from a little evening clutch to the big tote, all your favorite bags have been dipped in metal. All you got to do is keep the rest of your styling minimal, a gold bag can look great with neon (when worn right) or just the basic black and white outfits.

8.     Accessorizing with Metallics


There’s a lot you can choose from, when accessorizing with metallics. Combine little trinkets together or choose a big, stand out bracelet or neck piece and you have your job done. We especially love the ones in gold (recommended stores: Zara, Forever 21, Accessorize, Outhouse)

Here’s to metallic dressing! We trust you’ll enjoy sporting the trend as much as we loved writing about it. The marvelous metal is here to set your hotness soaring!