8 Important Tips for Couples on Facebook


Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter has swapped the importance of air, water and food, and changed the definition of the fundamental elements to stay alive.  You can post your heart contents out on these sites and share or tag the stuff you like. You can do it when you are single, but as soon as you get into a relationship, things begin to change. If you are engaged, married or in a relationship, then in such cases, you must take care of your online activities. You should be aware of the fact that couples are divorcing and separating because of some inappropriate relations that unintentionally begins on Facebook. If you are a happy pair and want to remain the same throughout, you must follow the tips which I am going to prescribe here.

1.  Don’t Use Fake IDs


Some people do this to keep their original account fresh and clean, where they can keep their partner in the friend’s list. On the other hand, they create a fake account that they use for not-so-good reasons. If you are among the ones, then I would recommend you to discontinue doing that. Delete the account and try to be loyal to your partner. It’s a false impression that your partner would never come to know about your fake IDs, as you cannot hide such things for long.

2.  Dump Some Friends


It’s better to dump acquaintances that could be a threat to your loving relationship or marriage. Instead of sticking to the people who you think are risky for your relationship, I would suggest you to break all the associations with them, even if it’s on Facebook or Twitter. Such people include your boyfriends, your crush or your enemy turned friend. This is a genuine suggestion because I have seen many heart-breaking incidents about regretful husbands and forsaken wives or spouses who strayed. Initially it will hurt you a bit, but later, you will be proud of your efforts to save your relationship.

3. Stop Being too Confidential


A healthy relationship is all about the trust and understanding with your partner. If you going to get married soon or you are married, then it’s suggested not to be too confidential. If you try to be more confidential, then it’s an indication that you are trying to hide something from your partner. So, if it’s okay for you, then there is nothing wrong in sharing your Facebook password with your spouse. Don’t try to hide certain pictures or posts from your partner as this might create doubts and affect your relationship.

4.  Don’t Hide Relationship Status


If you are the one who makes your relationship status visible only to yourself, even if you have been in a relationship for years and soon going to get engaged or married to your guy, then what’s the harm in flaunting your loving relation among your friends? Why to hide it from others? Show off your relationship status with proud!

5.  Upload Your Pictures


I won’t recommend you to fill up the entire account with the pictures of your partner, but adding a few is not a big issue, I guess. Such efforts from your side will show that how caring you are about him, and you aren’t ashamed to put on pictures publically. By the way, take care of you shouldn’t post the intimate or personal photos because later, it might make you and your partner embarrassed. If you want to post something weird, then I would advise you to discuss with your partner first.

6.  Do Clean Your Closet


All thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for creating this awesome idea of ‘Timeline’ because now, your past life is like an open book for your partner. It all is visible-whatever stuff you did in the past, number of boyfriends you ended up with, nasty comments that you made on your friends’ wall or may be some desperate pictures of you and your so-called ex boyfriend. Your prospective spouse can see them all; you can only save your life from major destruction by deleting all such posts immediately. Let your profile show that who you are going to be rather than showing who you were.

7.  Your Profile Is about ‘You’


I know that you both guys are in love with each-other and now, it’s all about ‘us’ and ‘we’, but don’t forget that it’s your Facebook account and it always will be. Stop trying to show it as a joint account. People are interested to make out about you and your partner, but that also to some extent. After a limit, they might get frustrated because of those lovey-dovey posts. Don’t forget that you will always remain an individual. If you are interested to flaunt ‘us’ and ‘we’ stuff, then I would suggest you two to make a different single Facebook profile as a couple.

8.  Spend Less Time on Twitter or FB


The best advice is to spend less time on Facebook, in fact use this time with your partner. Wasting your time on Facebook will create complications in your life. utilize this time to make your love life rather memorable.

I hope that these advices will help you, but if nothing works for you, then I would suggest you to delete your Facebook account.



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