8 Hair Jewellery Pieces To Die For

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Enough leaving your tresses open! Just like the rest of your body, your hair also craves your attention, and at times, everybody else’s attention. Pick from a variety of haute jewellery items available at stores around you. There are also several DIY options available for you. From hair combs to bejeweled accessories, there’s so much to do with that mane of yours.

River Island Dangle Clip


The USP of this clip is the hanging chains and beautiful gems that so intricately adorn and embellish it. The bright pop of color will be a welcome entry into the dark den of your hair, not to forget the opulent feel it brings along.

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Vintage Barrette in Gold Leaf


This one’s an A lister. Our love for all things vintage is heightened thanks to this graceful gold leaf. If you’re more classy than bold, this nature inspired clip is your definition of “right”. And of course, we swear by everything in gold.

Satin Hair Clip by Valentino


The right mix of class and glamour, trust Valentino to hit the right note of sophistication. The faux pearls and Swarovski crystals on jet black satin make this clip a must wear on every occasion of magnificence. It’s the easiest way to add bling to your ensemble. We love the right mix of shine, sparkle and grace.

Hair Spikes with Hanging Chains by ASOS


This cool haute jewellery is one of a kind. The dangling chains from the spiked hair combs are very luxe and contemporary. Celebs, like Kim Kardashian, have been seen flaunting this style, and so chic it looks.

Pachac Headband by Amrita Singh


The large stones and jewels are one of a kind. Runways of Dolce and Gabbana and Oscar de la Renta are buzzing with these statement headgears and of course, are seen at fashion events across the world. If you plan to flaunt this style, keep your hair neat and simple, so that it gets the attention it deserves.

Headband by Shourouk Gayarti


This headgear here fits the current trend of the tribal-global traveler  which is so in vogue. An added benefit is that it can be worn as a belt also, making it multipurpose and exquisite. You can reinvent your look, as and when you want to, thanks to this unique piece of accessory.

Jewelled Floral Headpiece by ASOS


This one’s for the true princess. The embellished crown pattern is adorned with delicate gems and jewels, which allows you to go easy on the rest of the accessories. Keep your outfit understated and minimal and let your head crown do all the talking.

China Club Headpiece


Sweet in style, and certainly an attention grabber, this headpiece is studded with Swarovski stones, which catch the light and radiate shine for greater sparkle. Wear your hair freely for better effect.


Also, there are certain DIY’s when it comes to accessorizing your locks. Some are as easy as it gets while a few can be pulled together after a bit of practice and hard work. Here are a few other pieces that caught our eye and we thought it almost obligatory to share it with you.