8 Eyes-Popping Buildings

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Have you ever thought multiple times, just about a single building? Get ready to find some incredible designs of buildings. Take a look at the buildings, which are- bizarre, weird, and at the same time, strange.

1. Office Centre “100” A.K.A Banknote


This is a very special and unique building, and this 1000 banknote is made by the unique camel paint. This building is located in Hannover, Germany.

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Architect by- Rimas Adomtis, Darius Siraurodinas, Virgilijus Joeys and Raimundas Babrauskas.

2. The Basket Building


This Basket is a replica of the middle basket in Longaberger market. It is 7 storey building. Doesn’t it look spectacular?

3. Kanas City Public Library


This is world’s 3rd largest public library, which is at Missouri, United States. Have a look at this unique building to get stunned. What a piece, isn’t it? This building was found in 1873.

4. Habitat 67


Here, 146 residences are amazingly nuzzled between the earth and the sky. The beauty of the structures is enhanced by the river, flowing near them. The scene is appearing splendid, because of the greenery. This strange building is in Montreal Canada.

5. Dancing Building


This building speaks a lot. This is one of the most stunning and weird looking building, constructed in 1992-1996. It is made by Vlado Milum C and Frank O Genry. The top floor has the famous Restaurant named, Celsk.

6. Baha’i House Worship A.K.A our very own ‘Lotus Temple’.


This building is a sacred place for the Indians and has won various architectural awards. It’s construction was completed in 1986, in New Delhi, India.

7. Blur Building


This is one of my personal favourites. This is unusual and beautiful. This building is known as ‘blur pavilion’ and, is situated in Switzerland.

Architect by- Diller Scofidio

8. Walt Disney Concert Hall


It’s is one of the most acoustically and sophisticatedly constructed concert halls, in Los Angles, California. This beautiful hall provides divine experience of music. The manufacturing work of the hall was started in 1987. It got completed in 2003. The architect name is Frank Genry.