8 Effective Stool Softening Home Remedies


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Constipation is a common problem among people. It is a condition that evolves due to improper indigestion of food and results into the hardening of stool, thereby posing difficulty during the evacuation of regular bowels. Constipation mostly occurs due to very less intake of water and fluids, while having excessive fried or junk food. Hard stool usually results in abdominal pain and uneasiness, bloating and many other symptoms. There are various stool softening medicines available at the chemist’s store, but intake of these also results certain side-effects, like cramps in the stomach, nausea, throat inflammation or even diarrhoea.

So, have a look at these natural stool softening home remedies which are not only effective, but also free from any side-effect.

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#1 Drink Lots of Water


Water is one of the most effective measures to fight against hard stools. Drink at least 10 glasses of water daily. This is the best treatment if you are suffering from severe constipation. There is not much role of water in the formation of stool in our digestive system. As when the stool passes through the intestine, much of the water in our body is conserved, thereby separating it from the solid waste. So, it is important to drink plenty of water because even mild dehydration can cause harder stools. Other liquids like coffee or alcohol should be largely avoided at this time as it dehydrates our system.

#2 Eat Fibre-rich Foods


Lack of fibre-content in your food may also result in constipation, thereby leading to hard stools. Try having a balanced diet of fibre-rich foods, including unprocessed bran, whole grain breads, dried fruits, brown rice, fruits and vegetables. Fibre greatly helps in increasing the bulk of the stool, while helping the intestines to move it more easily. Fibre–content in foods holds the water in the stool, thus making it softer. Another beneficial fibre-rich home remedy is psyllium husk. You can take fresh psyllium husk or the powder with around 8 ounces of water. It helps in the smooth passage of stools by absorbing water in it.

#3 Flax Seeds


Flax seeds are another effective way to soften the stools. Mix 1 tablespoon of grounded flax seeds with 2 cups of water, and drink the mixture. Flax seed contains Omega-3 fatty acids, and thereby helps in absorbing the water in the bowel to make the stools softer. For better results, keep drinking lots of water after this. Flax seeds add necessary bulk to the stool, making it to pass more efficiently; therefore, it is advisable to use flax seeds rather than flaxseed.

#4 Rhubarb Root


Mix 1 tablespoon of rhubarb root herb with 2 cups of water and drink the mixture. Drink a glass of water after this. It is one of the safest purgative herbs to cure constipation because other herbs cause excessive and forceful excretion of the wastes from the body, which may cause an irritation to our intestinal lining. These types of herbs should not be taken every day.


#5 Aloe Vera Juice


Aloe vera juice is really effective in order to get rid of constipation and hard stools. Drink ½ cup of Aloe vera juice twice a day. Take it before going to bed at night and every morning. Also, make sure to drink lots of water after consuming it. Aloe vera juice is highly laxative and is beneficial in making the stools softer.

#6 Fenugreek


Soak 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in water. Let it be in it for an hour. After this, make a paste of these soaked seeds and have it with one glass of warm water. Fenugreek prevents constipation and helps in softening the hardened stools as it highly contains a thick, sticky substance, produced by plants called mucilage. It also acts as a soothing agent to inflamed mucus membranes.

#7 Prune Juice


Prune juice is another helpful way to be free from hard stools and constipation. Prune contains laxative enzymes while also being rich in fibre, thereby softening the stools. The water content also adds to the easier movement of stools.

#8 Exercise


Last, but not the least, exercising helps a lot. Any type of physical activity will increase the metabolism process in your body while moving around all the food waste. This will naturally keep your digestive system fit and healthy, thereby preventing constipation.