8 Effective Home Remedies to Unclog the Blocked Drains

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Do the drains of your home get blocked, every now and then? Clogged drains are a great headache! Chemical clog removers will certainly clear the drains or sinks, but at the same time, will cause permanent harm to the pipe. So, before rushing to buy any chemical from the market, try to fix the problem with the products available at your home. These products not only save your money but are also eco-friendly, and avert the corrosion caused by the harsh chemicals.

1. Dish Washing Liquid


Mix dish washing liquid with boiling water. Slowly pour this mixture down the drain. It will unclog the grease drains.

2. Washing Soda


Mix one pound of washing soda with three gallons of boiling water. Mix thoroughly. Discharge it down the drain. Leave it overnight. It will dissolve hair and grease, without damaging the pipe.

3. White Vinegar


Put half cup of baking soda in the clogged drain. After that, pour half cup of white vinegar. Cover the drain. The next morning, flow hot water down the drain. This remedy will dissolve the fatty acids, thereby, it will unclog the drain.

4. Baking Soda


Mix equal quantity of salt and baking soda. Put it in the blocked drain Leave it overnight. Pour boiling water, the next morning.

5. Boiling Water

Pan Of Boiling Water On Hot Burner

Mix salt to the boiling water. Pour down the obstructed drain. It will remove the grease and unblock the drain.

6. Hydrogen Peroxide


Combine hydrogen peroxide with the boiling water. Flow down the choked drain.

7. Plunger


Put plunger on the drain. Pump it up and down, for 12-15 times.

8. Plumber Snake


In case, the plunger fails to solve the problem, use plumber snake. Shove the plumber snake down the drain. Twist the handle, when you feel the clog. After that, run hot water in the drain.

Handy Tips to Prevent Clogged Drains

  • Don’t dump the coffee grounds in the sink.
  • Do not pour hot wax and paints in the drain.
  • Frequently cleanse the pop-up stoppers.
  • Never pour heavy paper products down the drain.
  • Before washing the utensils and dishes, pour hot water down the drain. This will check the grease from gluing the pipe.