8 Effective Home Remedies for Cough for Kids


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Kids are more prone to cold and cough, not just because they are small in age, but also because of their eating and playing habits. It may also be because of the changing weather. Be careful while treating your child with cough, as cough syrups and other over-the-counter medicines are not always suitable for children. Instead, you can treat your kid with a natural and safe home remedy, which will not only cure your child naturally, but also secure them from any harmful effects of several cough syrups, accessible at the local drugstore.


Here, I have described some of the best home remedies for cough with which you can treat your kid and make him/her heal better.

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#1 Honey Lemon Mixture


Honey is known to be the best natural antibiotic, and especially for treating cough. Take some honey it in a pan. Heat it on low flames. Do not let it boil as this will change its medicinal properties. Now, boil one whole lemon in a separate pan for 2-3 minutes, so that it softens and also be free from any bacteria present on its skin. After it has boiled, let it cool for some time and then, cut it into slices. Now, add these slices into the honey and cook the mixture for an hour. Then, strain the lemon out of the honey. Make sure, you remove all the lemon seeds. Let it cool and store in the refrigerator.

Give ½ teaspoon of this mixture to a 25 lb. child and 1 teaspoon for a 50 lb. child, at least 4 times in a day.

Note- Don’t use honey for kids up to 2 years of age as honey contains strong microorganism, which can affect the kid’s digestive system, thereby, causing an illness.

#2 Tulsi and Ginger Mixture


Take 4-5 Tulsi leaves and take out its juice by grinding it. Then, strain it with the help of a piece of cloth. Take a small ginger and extract its juice in the similar manner as you did for Tulsi leaves. Now, mix ½ teaspoon of Tulsi juice as well as ½ teaspoon of ginger juice along with 1 teaspoon of honey. Take this mixture 2-3 times every day, till the cough lowers down.

#3 Anise Seeds (Saunf)


Anise seeds are a great medicine to treat normal cough as well as bronchial cough. Crush 1 tablespoon of anise seeds and mix it with 1½ cup of boiling water. Allow it to steep for half an hour and then, strain it. Now, boil the remaining liquid till it reduces to one cup. Now, add 2 cups of honey in it and let it cool. Store it in a container in the fridge. It can remain preserved for about 2 months.

½ teaspoon of this syrup is enough for a 25 lb. child and 1 teaspoon for a 50 lb. child. Give it 4 times in a day.

#4 Yummy Chicken Soup


Though, there is no scientific proof of this, but yes, chicken soup really helps in soothing sore throats and gives relief from bad cough. You can serve your kid with a tasty chicken soup, which will not only be a change for him, but will also heal him/her better. And, it will be better if you serve your child with homemade chicken soup rather than soups, available in the market.

How to Prepare

You just need to boil some chicken pieces along with some fresh vegetables, like carrot, onions, and spinach. Add a little bit of salt, pepper and black cumin for taste. Serve when it is slightly warm, but not very hot.

#5 Horehound Tea


Horehound is a perfect expectorant for treating children’s cough problems. Prepare horehound tea by steeping some dried horehound leaves in boiling water. Steep it for 10 minutes. Now, strain and drain off the remaining liquid. Measure the remaining liquid, and add honey in a quantity equal to two times of the liquid. Mix it well and let it cool for some time. Store up in a refrigerator and use, when needed.

Give ½ teaspoon to a child of 25 lb. and 1 teaspoon to a child of 50 lb. at least 4 times every day.

#6 Herbal Dry Cough Syrup


Certain moistening herbs work well for children, suffering from dry cough as they are good anti-viral and anti-bacterial. You can make a dry cough mixture for your child by using a combination of various moistening herbs, like 1 tablespoon of each of cherry bark, pleurisy root, thyme, Oregon grape root and mullein. Boil all the herbs in 1 quarter of water for half an hour. Then, strain it and once again boil, till only 1 pint of it is left. Now, add 2 pints of honey while it is warm. Let it cool, and then, store it in the refrigerator. The mixture will last 2 months in the refrigerator.

Take 1 teaspoon for a 50 lb. child, 2 teaspoons for a child of 75 lb. and 1 tablespoon for a 100 lb child. Give this syrup to your child after every 4 hours.

#7 Rub Kid’s Chest with Essential Oils


Give your little one a soothing and relaxing chest rub of essential oils. If you don’t want to use any petrochemicals products, which are easily available in the market, like Vick’s Vapo Rub, then essential oils are the best option for your child. Mix a drop or two of each of peppermint oil, eucalyptus and sage oil along with 2 tablespoons of olive oil, and gently rub this herbal mixture over the chest of your kid. Cover it and let your kid rest. Essential oils will naturally cure your child by breaking up the nasal and chest congestion while also relaxing the body.

#8 Make Your Kid Gargle


Gargling is another way to bring relief to your child’s cough and sore throat. Sore throat makes it difficult for the child to swallow the food. If your child agrees to gargle, it can work wonders for him/her. Just mix a bit of salt in a glass containing warm water and make your child gargle at least 5-6 times. Make sure, the water is not too hot.