8 Easy Winter Workouts without Leaving the Comfort of Home

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Winters are here! Temperature is plummeting every passing day, and we tend to become BEAR. Yes, like bears, our hibernating period commences as the cold season approaches. But, we are humans, not bears. So, we should stay super-active all four seasons. As we know in order to be energetic, exercising is required. But, the cold outside is the excuse we come up with in winters. Not anymore!

There are some simple and easy exercising options you can choose regardless of what the thermometer reads outdoors.

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1. Fitness DVD


Go cosy with your television. By this, I didn’t mean grab a comfy, warm blanket and catch your favourite movie. I meant get a good fitness DVD and make your body warm up and sweaty with it. Fitness experts have assembled workouts for beginners as well as for advanced learners in DVDs. There are many DVDs available in the market, to keep you moving indoors. What best about fitness DVDs is that you can work out suiting your work schedule.

2. Yoga


Yoga will get you in shape not only physically, but also spiritually. This will develop your body posture, balance, flexibility and core strength. If you’re ignorant about yoga, you may take a yoga class guided by a private instructor or buy books or DVD on yoga from websites, such as Amazon.com.

3. Walk home stairs


Walk stairs of your home…Walk up and down often till you don’t feel the burn. If your home doesn’t have stairs, then walk throughout your home in order to be active. More you will stay in motion, more calories will burn.  To tell you, it’s one of the best aerobic workouts as it put your legs muscles and upper body part in motion.

4. Buy a Treadmill


It is a perfect option, to keep up your daily jogs or brisk walks in a comfortable home environment. With a treadmill, you can set a level that is perfect for you. Spend a little and get a treadmill. Pump your legs and arms workout anytime you feel like doing.

5. Clean-up


It takes up a good deal of physical labour to clean up home. Dusting, sweeping and mopping burn calories. If you want to burn fat more quickly, speed up your cleaning rate.

6. Jumping Jacks


It is a great way to warm up your body for a good workout. Around fifty jumping jacks are enough if you own a good shape. Otherwise, start slow with twenty or less jumping jacks. If required, you may break your jumping jacks into sets.

7. Dancing

Two women dancing

Dance to the rocking music and burn calories. Dancing is a good indoor cardio exercise to do in winters. Play your favourite number and put your body in motion. If you are not a dancer, no issue! Learn salsa or other dance forms that interest you through various TV shows or DVDs.

8. Jump Rope


Jump rope to burn your belly fat. It is truly a terrific workout, to keep body weight under control (if done regularly) and get a fabulous body.

Therefore, get out of your cosy bed and try these indoor winter workouts.