8 Easy Steps to Apply Liquid Foundation like a Pro

Wanna be an icon at parties? But facing difficulty in doing flawless makeup? Chill out! Today, I am gonna guide you about the application of liquid foundation in detail. Makeup is an art, and every girl should learn it. Basically, the foundation is the most important part of the entire makeup. When applied in the right manner; it indeed enhances your beauty. Foundation is the initial step that determines the complete look. However, if it is not applied in the correct way, the makeup will look awful. So, learn the art to get that stunning look with us.

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There are two types of foundations available in the market, viz. powder and liquid foundation. Earlier, powder foundation was most used, but now, the liquid foundation has gained more prominence due to its multiple pros. Liquid foundations are easy to apply and give a luminous touch. Secondly, they do not require an additional moisturizer. Last but not the least, liquid ones easily conceal the fine lines and enlarged pores. Here are some tips to be followed for proper application of the liquid foundation. Girls, have a look!


1. Pick the Right Shade

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Know your skin tone before choosing a foundation. There are many shades available in the market. Pick the correct one that goes with your skin tone. Beginners should buy a branded one in order to get a perfect look.

2. Start with Deep Cleansing

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It is the professional way to start makeup with a clean face. You may use liquid cleansers, bar soaps, foam face wash, or any mild cleanser for this purpose. These are the best cleansing agents and help maintain the moisture of the skin. If you have pimples, avoid using a scrub as it will cause inflammation and may spread pimple-causing bacteria from one part to another.  After cleansing, take a soft towel for blotting the skin.

3. Make Your Skin Ready for the Makeup

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Any foundation can be layered out perfectly if the skin is perfectly moisturized. Before you start makeup, just apply a moisturizer to prevent dryness. Leave it for a couple of minutes.

4. Get Your Tools Ready to Cover Up the Areas

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Just take a small amount of liquid foundation onto a palette or back of your hand. Dot it on your face and don’t forget to cover the nose, chin, forehead, cheeks, and jawline. Spread it using a strong brush and later, blend it well by moving the brush in a circular motion, to get an even coverage.

5. Give it  a Final Touch

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Even after spreading the foundation with a strong makeup brush, if you feel the foundation spread was uneven in some areas, then take a sponge and rub it on those areas to get a fine look. Later, use this sponge for spreading the foundation at the upper lip and smile line.

6. Let it Set for 5 Minutes

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To let the foundation set is equally important. So, don’t rush as you may miss the most crucial part of the makeup. Just leave it for at least 3-5 minutes to set out.

7. Use Blotting Paper

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Now, take a tissue for blotting the complete face, in particular, near eyes, eyelids, and corners of the eyes because there may be the formation of some small lines. The applied foundation may settle in these small lines, so buff it up using the same brush once more.

8. Finish it with Powder

Even after allowing it to settle for some time, apply a compact powder to settle the foundation effectively. Start spreading the powder using a puff or brush, especially under the eyes and in certain low-lying areas. Later, use other powders for blushing effect (if necessary).

Apply Liquid Foundation 8

Thus, by following this step-by-step procedure, one can apply liquid foundation effectively and can get a flawless look.