8 Easy Home Treatments for Itchy Scalp

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Feeling ashamed, while nicking itchy scalp in front of friends and relatives? What is the solution- pricey shampoo and costly hair products? Well, no … ! The home products can do a great magic in overcoming this problem.



Here are some easy home treatments for itchy scalp:

  1. In a cup of water, add 2 drops of peppermint oil. Gently massage the scalp with it.
  2. Apply aloe vera gel on your scalp. After 10-15 minutes, rinse off with water. It’s the best remedy for getting rid of itchy scalp.
  3. Rub lime juice on your scalp and wash after 10 minutes.
  4. Mix 4 spoons of warm water and 1 spoon of cider vinegar. Use this mixture to massage your scalp.
  5. Prepare a paste by mixing baking soda in water. Apply it on the scalp.
  6. Infuse some fenugreek seeds in water, for the whole night. Grind it and add a few drops of lime juice. Apply it for an hour.
  7. Mix lime juice and curd. Apply.
  8. Mix neem, lavender and eucalyptus oils together, and dap this mixture on the affected regions. Wash hair after an hour. It will soothe your scalp.

Useful Tips

  • Wash your hair on a regular basis, to dodge dirt and fungal infection.
  • Avoid the use of chemicals.  Use herbal products.
  • Don’t scratch your scalp.
  • Use the right type of shampoo.

Change your personality by embroiling with each streak of your hair. I hope the above remedies and tips will help you a lot.