8 Easy Fitness Tips for Lazy Women

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Jogs in the early morning and just peanuts for breakfast do not seem a viable option to boost health. Workout and dieting are too much!  Then what? Should we let our fitness go for a toss? Not at all! Following tips will help you to stay healthy:

Tip# 1

Incorporate Gentle Exercising Activities in Your Routine


The only way to stay fit and in shape is to sweat for hours at the gym. If you believe so, then you’re WRONG. The regular daily activities such as taking a stride to grocery shops in the evening, doing household work, and taking stairs instead of lift could be more helpful than that of sporadic workouts. So, instead of allotting a particular day for ‘exercise’, try these gentle activities in your routine life.


Own a Pet


Get a pet if you want bigger and better health results at a minimal effort. Owning a pet is a great way to have improved mental and physical health. It lowers the stress level and enables one to cope up with adverse, unfavorable life situations. It encourages you to get out and become active, ultimately pushes you to a higher fitness levels.


Solve Crossword Puzzles


Put another part of your body-BRAIN, to work by participating frequently in mentally stimulating activities such as Sudoku- crossword puzzle, or reading books. These activities reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Along with improving physical well-being, boost your mental health as well.


Cook Your Own ‘Ready to Eat’ Meals


Eating fresh and home-made food is always good than bringing the ready meals from shop. But hard day at work leaves us too worn-out to try our hand for cookery masterpiece. So, the only way to avoid falling prey of market purchased ready meals (that may lack nutritional value) is trying preparing your own healthy versions at home instead. Make it in large batches on off-days or weekends, and freeze it to have plenty of healthy pickings for those lazy cooking days.


Mini-Workout While Watching TV


You can stay healthy and active while being in front of your TV screen. Try some mini-workouts like- skipping, sit-ups or quick run-up into each commercial ads/break, to improve your health while enjoying TV.


Take Leisurely Meals


Be lazy in eating your meal-don’t eat on the run. Having long and leisurely meal is a great way to lose weight. Slow, focused eating will let you enjoy and savor your meal more, and reduce the risk of over-eating.


Hit the Dance-Floor


Does the thought of a workout fill you with dread? Don’t worry! There are several other ways to get a toned body, without the feel of hard-work. Hitting the dance floor is a great way to burn calories; stay fit and strengthen your body. Unlike gym, it offers fun that won’t give you the feel of doing exercise.


Get a Full Sleep


Laziness is considered to damage one’s health. But, if we talk of sleeping, it truly pays off.  A good sleep boosts memory, helps in living longer, healthy life, and reduces stress. On the contrary, a sleep of less than 5 hours a night, leads to weight gain and increases the risk of heart-diseases. Thus, the simple and cheap way to have healthy living is to get a regular sleep of at least 8 hours a day.