8 Diet Myths that can Make You Fat

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Despite strictly following diet rules, are you still packing on pounds? If so, you are circumscribed by diet myths that are preventing you from reaching your weight-loss goal. Here, I have tried to demystify some diet myths. Hope, it will help you a lot in your weight-loss regime.

Here are 8 diet myths that can make you gain weight.

Myth #1

You can prevent yourself from eating too much the rest of the day, if eat a heavy breakfast


Truth- It’s not a good idea to skip a breakfast, but at the same time it’s also a bad idea to have heavy breakfast. A heavy breakfast can’t control your appetite later in the day, but it will surely add extra calories. We cannot balance this morning calorie intake by eating less in the rest of the day. A research study has unveiled that the calories consumed during breakfast, has no or little effect on the calorie intake during the remaining day.

Myth #2

Carbohydrates make you fat


Truth- Excess of everything is bad. Though, carbohydrates don’t make you fat, but if you will take it in excess quantity than what your body requires, it will definitely add layers of fat to your body. In fact, if you drastically cut on your carb intake, it will result in digestive problems and reduce your energy level. Eat ‘good carbs’, like beans, brown rice, brown bread, oats, whole wheat pasta, etc.

Myth #3

Eating late at night makes you gain weight


Truth- The fact is that the amount of calories you intake affects your weight, and not the time when you intake them. Your body processes the food at night in the similar way, as it does during the day. You gain weight, when you eat more calories than you actually burn.

Myth #4

Eating smaller meals in a day can decrease your weight


Truth- Most of us think that if we eat smaller meals, it will boost metabolism rate and reduce our weight. The fact is that, smaller meals help to control your hunger pangs, but it no way affects the metabolism rate. You will certainly put on weight, if you consume equal calories with 3 large meals or 6 smaller meals per day.

Myth #5

Artificial sweeteners are a healthier substitute to table sugar


Truth- In fact, artificial sweeteners increase your weight. They increase your cravings for carbohydrates and sweets. When you eat artificially sweetened food, you forget that they possess calories in the form of fat, proteins or carbohydrates, and you tend to eat larger portions. So, next time when you go out with your friend, find out other healthier alternatives, like a glass of carbonated water (also termed as sparkling water, soda water or club soda), with lime or lemon.

Myth #6

You are free to eat whatever you wish, if you are hitting the gym


Truth- Hitting the gym or exercising won’t help you out, if you can’t control your hunger cravings and excess calorie intake. If you stuff yourself with cheesy pizza or an ice-cream after shedding lots of calories in the gym, you would definitely put on weight, more than you actually lost.

Myth #7

Fat-free or low-fat foods have relatively fewer calories


Truth- In low-fat peanut butter, the healthy fats are removed, but sugar is added. Therefore, it has similar number of calories, as in the regular version. Similarly, no-fat cookies don’t mean that you are free to eat the entire box of cookies, without worrying about calories. Keep an eye on how much to eat, even if it is healthy or low fat.

Myth #8

Dieting can help you to lose weight


Truth- Definitely, dieting will help you to lose weight in the short term. But, in the long run it will make you fat! According to scientists, after losing 5-10% of weight at first, diet slows down working. During dieting, you have to eat food that you don’t like. It elevates feelings of resentment and deprivation, stimulating stress hormones. It will intensify your cravings. This will increase your weight.

I hope these tips will help you with your weight-loss goals. Tell me your views.

Have a happy and healthy life!