8 Common Mistakes That You Commit While Applying Foundation


All the girls and women apply their own logics and tricks in applying the makeup. They think that whatever they have been using till the date is best for them, and the trend is still the same. If the trend in clothing keeps on changing from time to time, then how can you expect that it will not change for makeup? For applying makeup, there are certain crucial steps that you need to follow, to make it look natural and not cakey. Foundations are meant to give your face coverage and make it look radiant and smooth. It is not supposed to make you look fairer. So, please stop buying foundations that are two tones lighter than your skin tone as it makes you look weird and artificial.

Here are the common mistakes that you should avoid while buying and applying foundation.

#1- Stop Applying Face Powders as Base


One of the common basic blunders that Indian women commit is to apply the powdered foundation as a base on their face. Powder foundations make your face look cakey and artificial. Moreover, they dry out your face. Instead, you should use a liquid or a cream foundation. If you do not like the dewy sheen of the cream or liquid foundation, you can dust it with a powder foundation in the end, which will bring out the matte effect and will not make you look cakey.

#2- Testing Foundation


Another common mistake is to test the foundation at the wrong place. Still many makeup artists and sales assistants try a foundation shade on the inner side of your wrist, which is a big no-no. It is not necessary that your wrist color will match with your face color. You should always try 3 shades of foundations (3 closer shades) and on around three areas of your face. Always put and test foundation around your nose, along the jaw line, and under and around the eyes. If it blends seamlessly without looking cakey or artificial, you should buy that shade blindly.

#3- Priming the Face


It is commonly found that women apply foundation directly on the face, and foundation adheres in a way that it looks very cakey. The reason is they are not aware of applying a primer on their face. Remember, foundation is just like paint. A painter always applies a primer on walls for smoothening them and for paint to blend flawlessly. So always apply primer on your face for the foundation, to stay longer and blend seamlessly. Choose a primer according to your skin needs.

#4- Always Use Foundation Brush


All of you must be applying foundation with your fingers or sponges till now. Throw those methods away and start using a foundation brush. Foundation brush has much less messier and effective way of applying foundation, plus your foundation gets blended into the skin perfectly without showing through the skin, and provides the desired coverage. With this technique, you will save your time and the quantity of foundation as well.

#5- Do Not Apply Foundation All Over Your Face


For the heck of looking fairer, you apply foundation all over your face. Once again I am telling you that foundation is meant to provide coverage to your face to hide blemishes, spots, patches. So, try to apply it only to the areas which need coverage. This way you will save your foundation and will look more natural. This is another reason that why you should choose the exact skin shade of foundation.

#6- Concealer and Correctors Go First


Do not forget to conceal under eye dark circles and puffiness. Foundation alone cannot cover the dark circles. Concealers are specially formulated to perform the task, and I must say that they do full justice in hiding and correct your under eye dark circles. And, always remember that concealer should be applied right after applying the primer, to cover the under eye areas completely and effectively.

#7- Do Not Use a Tinted Powder to Set Your Foundation


For the sake of setting your foundation, use a translucent powder rather than the tinted ones. Tinted ones will give you a cakey look while translucent will control the dewy effect and give you a perfect matte finish. However, if you are dewy skin aficionado, you should not go for any powder dusting.

#8- Setting the Foundation


Despite of setting the eyes with the concealers, women apply foundation from just below the lash lines, which is absolutely incorrect way. You should apply foundation from the mid way of the area, where you have applied the concealer. It will give you a more natural look as the tint of both the colors will look natural rather than a created one.