8 Bollywood Celebs Who Went Back to School

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You’re never too old to learn something. The process of learning never stops. You’re mistaken, if you thought that graduating the college or a business school is meant to be the end of your education.  If you want to attain success in life, you should brush up your old skills, or may be acquire a new one. Study further and pursue your passion. Let’s take a cue from the celebrities, who went back to school.

1. Kunal Kapoor


This Rang De Basanti actor has learned to fly planes, which is apparently his second passion after acting. We last saw him in Love Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana. He is a flying enthusiast, who is spending a lot of time in his study, and just after giving few exams, he will become a qualified pilot. Well, someone is gonna reach new heights to achieve his passion. Kudos to you, Kunal!

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2. Deepika Padukone


No doubt, that she is a wonderful actress, but this talented girl too had to go back to the school to take a crash course, in Sanskrit and Hindi. For her film, ‘Aarakshan’, she had to speak dialogues in ‘Shuddh’ Hindi. We all know that to be a perfectionist is a tough job; so, she took hardcore lessons to master her Hindi and Sanskrit diction. She even learned to skate for the film – ‘Lafangey Parindey’.

3. Shamita Shetty


She is the younger sister of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, but she couldn’t achieve fame like her sister did. In 2011, she finally announced her voluntary retirement from the film industry to pursue a career in interior designing. She realised soon that acting is not her cup of tea, and hence, she decided to go for another passion. She went to London to do a 6-months course in interior designing. Well, interior design sounds better than item numbers and cameos.

4. Shahid Kapoor


This cute chocolaty actor of Bollywood did complete his schooling and graduation, but for his dad’s film ‘Mausam’ he had to join the flying academy to learn to fly a fighter plane. He learned to fly F-16 for his role as an air force officer in the film. He said that he was lucky to get trained and to get an opportunity to fly one.

5. Abhay Deol


After the release of ‘Dev D’, he didn’t receive rave reviews. He decided to quit acting, and he even flew to New York and did a course in (not acting) metal and welding work. He said that it was really important for him to do other things rather than just doing acting. He finds this course as a therapy. He returned to India with great enthusiasm, and yes, we are still seeing his acting skills in many films, fortunately.

6.  Vidya Balan


Here is another actress who tries to keep no stone unturned to add awesomeness to her acting skills. Well, she learned belly dancing from a professional dancing instructor, for a special dance number in Santosh Sivan’s film ‘Urmi’. She didn’t want to look odd like some actresses, who did difficult dance sequences and were heavily criticised. She took a crash course to master this genre of dancing.

7. Neil Nitin Mukesh


This guy learned a new skill for his unnamed upcoming film. He did a rigorous crash course in Taekwondo. He learned the skill for the film, but he also got a chance to shoot an ad film in Bangkok, where he got the chance to do a couple of Taekwondo moves. Well, someone is nicely using his newly learned skill. Good job, Neil!

8. Preity Zinta


We all know that she is a talented actress, and off course, a great businesswoman too. Owning an IPL team, is definitely not as easy as eating a cake. So, to master her skills in the business, she flew off to USA to pursue a short executive course in deal making and negotiating from the Harvard Business School. She even did some major assignment on acquisitions and mergers. True professionalism, Preity! Bravo!