8 Bollywood Celebrities and Their High-Born Cars

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Over the last few years, Bollywood has emerged as a name that is synonymous with business empires. 2000s have changed the whole picture of Bollywood and its celebs. Luxury, class and sophistication have taken new dimensions for Bollywood celebs. From living standards to splurging on luxuries, everything has changed over the years. Today, Bollywood celebrities own cars that are not only few in the country, but also rare amongst business class in India.

Bollywood celebrities are quite passionate about cars and luxuries. They own not only just one or two, but an array of luxurious cars in their garage. Today, we are going to check out that which all cars are owned by these popular celebrities of Tinsel town.

#1- Amitabh Bachchan




The Shehanshah of the industry is a Shehanshah in his real life, as well. He has got the set of best luxury cars in India. You name a luxury car, and he has it in his parking. One of the best luxury cars that he owns is Rolls Royce Phantom that was gifted to him by producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra. Besides this sophisticated car, the actor also possesses Bentley Continental, BMW 7 series, Mercedes E240, Lamborghini Murceilago.

#2- Shah Rukh Khan




The king of romance is much in love with cars in his real life, as on screen. Cars owned by this romantic actor of all times are Blue Rolls Royce, Land Cruiser Prado, Bentley Continental GT, and Mitsubishi Pajero Sports. Besides these, he owns a BMW 7 series and an Audi A6.

#3- Sanjay Dutt




The most popular action hero is highly passionate about cars, especially sports editions. Currently, he owns Ferrari 599 GTB, Audi Q7, BMW 7 series, and a Porsche SUV. On his wife Manyata’s birthday, the actor gifted her Rolls Royce that became the headlines.

#4- Aamir Khan


The most versatile and talented actor of the industry owns the most famous and sophisticated cars in the world- Rolls Royce Ghost. The car is priced at above 3 crore and is loaded with powerful v6 engine and whimsical luxuries.

#5- Ajay Devgan




The actor seems to be living a decent lifestyle, but he his love for cars is extremely chic and class apart. He owns the best of luxurious cars from BMW Z4 to Mercedes Z class, Toyota Celica to Ferrari Maserati.

#6- Shilpa Shetty


Big Brother has certainly proved to be a luck charm for the leggy lass. Post that show, Shilpa married the business tycoon of UK, Raj Kundra, and since then, she has been playing around amidst luxuries and fancies that every girl fancy about.  Shilpa has received a brand new Lamborghini Gallardo as a present by her hubby Raj. The car is super stylish and made for speed lovers. It costs at whopping 3.6 crores.

#7- Hrithik Roshan


He drives one of the most powerful cars of its league- Porsche 911 Carrera. The super car produces a BHP of 350, and a power of 390 Nm of torque. It is priced at whopping 1.22 crores.

#8- Shahid Kapoor




He’s another proud owner of the luxury and extravagant cars in India. He owns a rugged Range Rover that he bought for 1 crore.  Besides cars, he has got passion for bikes as well. He owns Yamaha MT-01 and a Harley Davidson.