7 Worst Hair Care Habits You Must Stop Right Away

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While there’s a lot written about what you should be doing to attain that fabulous, advertisement-worthy hair, there’s hardly any written gyaan about the activities, you must refrain from. And, more often than not, just picking up the right shampoo and conditioner does not suffice. So, while you are still unaware, you might actually be punishing your hair with these little, yet grave mistakes. Read on to know what are the most common blunders we end up, making in our day-to-day lives, and bid farewell to drab looking tresses.

1. Too much Brushing/Combing


Now, all that fairy tale talk about excessive brushing leading to long, flowing locks is just as unreal as all the fairy tales, who taught you this. And so, one-hundred strokes-a-day advice is not to be followed.  It not only causes unnecessary hair fall, but also deprives your hair of its natural oils. If you are the kind, who styles her hair throughout the day, we suggest you make do with your fingers and hands. Brush your hair in the morning, once right after you wake up, because, whatever natural oils have accumulated on your scalp over the night, are abundantly available, then before the sunlight, air and other chemicals dry them out. Brush them later after you’ve showered, or before bedtime.

2. Neglecting the All-vital Conditioner


If you wish for fabulous looking hair, and are meanwhile avoiding the all encompassing conditioner, you might as well just stop wishing! ‘Cuz Snap! This aspiration is far-fetched without making use of the conditioner. Usually, people with oily or thin hair fear using conditioners thinking that this will further flatten their hair, however, this is far from true. A wise choice would be to go in for lightweight conditioners, as they aren’t heavy on your hair and even provide all the health benefits to your hair. And, in case, you have coarse, thick hair, stick to the heavy duty ones. Conditioning increases hair growth, prevents damage and breakage, adds a healthy shine and in all protects your hair.

3.Tying Your Hair In a Tight Ponytail Everyday


This does not sound that serious, does it? But, it actually is! While it is really convenient to have you hair off your face, wearing a tight ponytail can be damaging to your hair. It builds a constant pressure at that same one place and weakens your hair, even preventing growth. Unless you wear your hair in a loose ponytail, it is advisable to secure them with bobby pins or a rubber band, which is cloth coated, as it does not lay force on that particular area. However, if you are very keen on wearing ponytails all the time, we suggest you to keep switching between high and low points, as it temporarily dispenses off damage in that usual spot.

4.Consistent Coloring


While everyone enjoys some change (be it a routine schedule or hair color), it is always wiser to be within limits, and here, we strictly refer to your hair color. So, an occasional highlighting session may work wonders to your appearance, but if you are color obsessed, you ought to quit it right here, right now, because, this is damaging your hair beyond belief (don’t pay attention to your salon guys, they need that money anyway). Coloring ruins your hair shaft, contains dyes and lots of chemicals, which is not so good for the life of your hair. If possible, resort to this beauty fancy twice in a year (and you may even realize how lovely your natural hair color looks on you in the first place, and it is more likely to flatter your features more than you comprehend).

5. Minimal Use of Styling Products


When you hit the stores in search of products that you think are going to aid you in hair styling, there’s probably never reaching an end. The shelves are full of sprays, gels, serums and silicone products, and if you are a style junkie (like us); you’ve perhaps tried on more than you’d ever like to admit. Most of these styling products are based on chemicals, which obviously is ruinous to your hair. If you plan to continue using these products, make sure they are organic and oil based (they support hair growth). If you see any laureates, sulfates and other unrecognizable ingredients on the pack, reconsider buying!

6. An Unhealthy Diet


They say wisdom never came easy. And that is the reason why you cringed, when forced to hog on vegetables, fruits and pulses as a kid. But, don’t lose hope, hon! Because, it’s never too late! Binge on leafy veggies, proteins, raw coconut, unsalted nuts, avocados, omega 3 rich eggs, salmon, etc. They are not only great for your overall health and skin; they are equally beneficial to your hair. The shine, strength and suppleness that your hair will show, once you begin eating healthy, have humungous advantages.

7. Quit Smoking


Apart from the very harmful effects of smoking on your health, it would be noble to note that smoking plays havoc on your hair, and its quality too. It dries them out, increases breakage and even causes them to smell foul. Smoking is toxic, and even passive smoking is known to make people suffer from lung cancer. So, do quit smoking for health reasons in the first place, and if that somehow isn’t motivating to you, think of your hair and how they want you to go easy on all that smoke.

We hope the above listed hair habits will be kept in mind by you, from now on. While, most of these will not establish immediate results, they are sure to help you in the long run. Tell us, which girl does not yearn for luscious, flowing, gorgeous locks! Rapunzel or no Rapunzel, let’s begin caring for our hair through these small, effortless, but definitely high yielding hair care habits!