7 Ways To Stay Away from Common Teenage Addictions

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Teenage assault, shooting death, kidnapping, drug possession, larceny, stealing, aiding, abetting, and so on…What are you waiting for? The list doesn’t end here. We, as adults, are fond of wearing pink glasses, and fancying the world as a beautiful planet. Neither we think mindfully, nor find ourselves bothered by the ironies of the world.

It’s time to attest that, teenagers and adults are just aimlessly indulging themselves into  alcohol. The hit and run cases regarding, watching pornographic videos, or awkward premature sexual relationships are inclining.

Youngsters at their teens, get involved in many unsolicited activities, under the influence of their peers. They switch on doing things like- smoking, alcohol consumption, premature sex, assaults, cheating, cyber crimes, gambling, school or college bunk, and in many other insupportable activities. However, to assert them stereotypes because of such deeds, is not justifiable.

All they need to do is to make efforts with all their perseverance, to pick up the right track. There is a need of some smart ideas, and of getting rid of the relentless iniquities. They must get all, what have been missed so far, from their families and friends.

It is difficult for teens and adults, to contravene the peer pressure. Here, the question arises, are we dumb? Don’t we know, where the habit of smoking cigarettes leads? 

Smoking tobacco gives rise to diverse kinds of cancer. Moreover, it leads to heart attack, yellow teeth, less oxygen for brain, coughing, lessened glowing of skin, bad breath, and many additional ill-effects.

Hence guys, strongly flout your peers, or acquaintances, when they offer to smoke.

1. Be Spontaneous: Learn, How to Say ‘No’

Sometimes, when you don’t have that guts to say ‘no’, you get tangled, and feel yourself unable to oppose the peers’ pressure; you feel hesitated, awkward, or sometimes you get petrified, to disregard.

Initially, what all you need to do is, to develop your confidence and self-worth. This will aid you to deliver quick-witted answers to your peers. This can make them  reconsider their actions too.

2. Set Your Boundaries

Moving towards adulthood, you must be aware of, what your dos and don’t are. Design your goals and abilities stoutly to decline your unfavorable intentions. Simultaneously, stay away from individuals, and situations that persuade you to do things you don’t want to do or dislike.

3. Keep In Mind

 Never forget the depressing outcome of, what you did last time under this pressure. Always take into account, when you were put on to do something awkward, all what happened was, disgraceful. This will rouse guilt in you, and will stop you from tilting towards becoming appalling, like earlier.

4. Practice to Eliminate

If you aren’t enough skilled to tackle yourself from those irks, then practice. Pre-practicing of situations you face the most is an easy way out of this issue. For this, you may seek guidance from your parents, or someone, who is minded and upright. You can play up with topics like- confidence, sycophancy, wittiness, and challenges, to find diverse ways, to face unwanted situations.

5. Be Confident: Build Trust In Yourself

Don’t trust your friends blindly. Be wise in your actions. Be careful in sharing your confidential or intimate sentiments, and for this, you need to keep an eye on your friends. Remember, your closest friends, might become your one of the strongest reasons, of gathering disrespect or addictions.

6. Take a Stand

One should adopt a strict behavior against anything unethical. If your determination is strong about your actions, not a soul can make you go immoral or culpable.

7. Enjoy Lonesome

In life, we face situations where we have to stand alone, despite having multiple friends. The circumstances are dreadful, and harsh, mainly for teens. We’re not saying that it’s a cakewalk, but at least, give it a try. Some times, to become friendless, directs you nearer to yourself, and your family. You can do something meaningful like- reading books (we suggest spiritual), playing video games, watching your favorite movies, interacting with family members, or pampering your pets. These are some of examples to sidetrack your brain from all the wrong attention. Don’t regret as if it’s the end of your existence. Feel respect for yourself, as you got the guts to struggle for the right. This will let you earn virtue in the eyes of your family members while making you stronger as a human being.

Never deprecate your self-esteem. Never feel discouraged, if get spaced out. Understand your values. Be stronger, while facing the pressure. Though you’ll come across many creepy and dreadful things in life, however, don’t let that melancholy, effect you. Gradually, you will learn how to handle the pressure and get out of it, once you’ll execute these plans. From now onward, apply these valuable  tips, and get away from this evil, to get that beautiful life back.