7 Ways to Prevent Hair Damage

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After face, hair is the most sensitive part of your body that needs extra care and attention. Long hair requires more attention as compared to shorter ones. Hair response very quickly to environmental changes such as they become very dry and frizzy if you live in an arid land. Similarly, during monsoon, everyone faces problems related to hair fall and other damage.

To combat such hair related worries and problems, I have come up with  and cure the problem of dry, frizzy, and unmanageable hair. Read the tips to know more about the cure.


#1- Use a SPF


Everyone uses SPF to protect the face from sun damage and harmful UV radiations.  Similarly, your hair also gets damaged by sun due to recurrent and prolonged sun exposure. They way UV radiations burn your face; they do the same to your hair, as well. To avoid such kind of damage by Sun, use a leave in conditioner that contains SPF in it. It will protect your hair against sun damage.

#2- Good Conditioner Is a Must


When it comes to face, we go for the best products available in the market, but for hair, we often end up buying cheap products that create disaster on our hair. Most of the women use shampoo and end the process there itself without using a conditioner. Conditioner is really important to improve the texture, quality, and overall tone of your hair. Conditioner is basically the moisturizer for your hair. You should use the best one and always leave some conditioner onto your scalp, for at least 4-5 minutes to let the essential oils of conditioner penetrate into your scalp and moisturize it deeply.

#3- Do not Heat Your Hair Too Much


Most of you end up heating your hair too much in the rush of heading towards a party or a gathering, without realizing the fact that too much heat will destroy your hair and bring in a lot of frizzes to your hair. It is advised to use between cold and hot alternatives on your dryer or you should keep alternating between high and low speeds, if your dryer has that feature.

#4- Be Natural

Pretty female standing back and washing her long hair

It is rightly said that the more natural you stay, more gorgeous you will to look. The same principle goes for your hair, as well. Sometimes, just let them dry naturally without giving them any heat or other virtual drying. Wash your hair at night, just dry them with a towel for a minute and go to sleep tucking them. Next day, you will rouse with naturally wavy and smooth hair. Apply some serum and you are good to go. Try it!

#5- Be Gentle While Brushing


Most of your hair shed while you are brushing them. The sole reason is not that they are weak and do not have a perfect grip, but the problem also lies in your way of brushing and combing. While brushing, most of people try to scratch their head harshly with comb pulling away the tangled hair, which results in breakage. You should comb and brush your hair very gently and smoothly. If your hair gets tangled up too much, apply some serum before combing and brushing.

#6- Go Creative


From going creative, I do not mean that you should go for messy and difficult hair-dos, but you should apply your creativity in doing a different hair-do often as it will result in lesser breakage. When you keep on doing the same hair-do, it results in the same pressure and eventually breakage. To avoid it, go for something different at regular intervals.

#7- Go Fatty


Do not worry as here I am not talking about having junk food, but advising to have unsaturated healthy fats in your diet such as avocados, nuts, olive oil, coconut oil, hemp seeds, and more. All these will keep your hair nourished and moisturized.

Try these simple tips for your hair and keep your hair healthy, shiny, and strong forever.