7 Ways to Keep Your Anger in Control


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Anger is something that is out of reach and out of anyone’s control. Everybody gets annoyed and irritated, and those emotions get converted into anger anytime. It is really hard to control your temperament in some situations in front of certain people, but it is certainly not impossible. Today, I am sharing with you the proven tips to control the level of your temperament, and I am sure that it will work for you.



Tip#1  Docile Your Anger by Taking a Timeout 


Take a deep breath and start counting from one to ten. Our body is so sensitive that it reacts to a situation instantly, whether good or bad. However, if you start counting after taking a deep breath in a bad situation, you will delay the time of your body’s response and in the mean while the level of your temperament will come down.

Tip#2  Leave the Site 


If taking deep breath and counting numbers isn’t working for you, then leave the premises instantly. Leaving the premises will take you to another scenario and slowly remove the picture of tension from your mind. So, try going out in a fresh air which will clam you down and your temperament as well.

Tip#3  Consume Something Cold


When we get angry, it is very common for our body temperature to rise suddenly. In such a situation, you should consume something cold and refreshing that will make you cool and your mind will be refreshed. You can go for an ice-candy, ice-cream, chilled cold-coffee, lemonade or something like that.

Tip#4  Run to Defuse Your Anger


If you are angry, you should run as fast as you can in such a situation. You should think that you are running behind the person who made you angry few minutes or hours ago. Running and such cardiovascular exercises relieve you from the frustration going inside you, and control your temperament.

Tip#5  Take Music Therapies 

Music lover

Ah! While thinking about controlling your anger, how can you forget music? Music is perhaps the best way to chill out yourself and enjoy forgetting the whole world. So, if you are angry at someone or frustrated with a situation, take out your earplugs and start enjoying to your favorite songs in your cell phone. I would advise you to listen to peppy and groovy numbers in such a situation, rather than sad songs.

Tip#6  Find the Peace within Yourself


When you are angry, your inner self can only calm you down. In such a situation, you should relax your mind and indulge yourself into something that you like such as murmuring songs, whistling or just observing nature and people around you. In short, you should do all those things that make you happy and relaxed.

Tip#7  Act Calmly


It is very common for all of us to react spontaneously over a situation and start blaming someone without any proof. We should always act calm and try to judge the whole scenario without pointing out on someone instantly. This will give us a chance to calm down and control anger for few moments.

So, if you are among those who are short-tempered and lose their calm quickly, these tips will work for you. Try them out!