7 Tricks to Curl Your Hair without Heat

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While there are lots of equipments available out there that can help you curl your hair in minutes, they will simultaneously greatly damage your hair as well. So, if you are the kind of girl, who likes to try out new hairstyles quite often, it is suggested to stick to methods that do not involve the heat that all these appliances generate.


Now, you must be wondering how on earth that is possible! Probably it’s just a wishful thinking! Well, we’re happy to tell you that it isn’t, for you can actually curl your hair without all those electrical devices! Next, you may wonder if those curls will actually last? What if your hair goes back to looking limp and poker straight even before you can head out of your house? Well, the answer, this time, is in the negative, because your curls will certainly last long, like really loooong!

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Read along to know how you can attain those dream curls without potentially damaging your hair!

1.     Potent Curl Creams


If your hair is kind of wavy, all you need is a curling cream. It is enough to convert your hair into perfect curls, keeping them miles away from any heat whatsoever. It smoothes and defines your curls, helping them appear polished, frizz free and neat. Another advantage of such a product is that you don’t need to reapply it every day, just dampen your tresses, which will re-activate the product and then, brush your hair. Isn’t it super!

2.     The Fantastic Flexi-rods


Flexi-rods are sans heat and definitely are a great way to attain a set of gorgeous looking spirals. The thing is, you just need to get used to them, because once you do, using them becomes quite easy. The flexi-rod even allows you to customize your curls by leaving it on you to choose the size and volume of your curls; you can decide whether you wish to wrap less or more of your locks on the rod.

3.     Pin Curls


Make use of the retro pin curls! Not only do they look super glam, they are also easy to do. Along with a few packets of bobby pins, you need a generous amount of patience, and voila, you are set for a super sexy hair do! Take small sections of hair and wrap each section in a circular manner. Now, press them to your head and pin them in place. Allow them to sit there for a few hours or keep them overnight. You are sure to get beautiful, bouncy curls.

4.     Rag Curls


It’s really sad that one does not hear much about rag curls anymore, but it’s another super effective and inexpensive technique that you should adopt to curl your locks, without torturing them with heat. Take an old t-shirt and use it as perfect hair curler. You just have to place a rag (12 inches approximately) at the end of each section of hair and roll it up. Now tie the ends in order to keep your hair in place. In case, you want to curl just the ends of your hair, wrap the rag halfway or else, roll up to the scalp.

5.     Twisting It


If you want tightly coiled, tiny knots, knot your strands in two by two. This will make them adopt a nice spiral pattern. If you are in the mood to experiment, you can also try any other knot or braid type.

6.     Make Use of Your Fingers

Who knew curling your hair could be THIS simple. However, this advice is meant only for those girls, who already have wavy to curly hair. Use a wide toothed comb to disentangle your hair. Now, create small sections. With your fingers, twist these small sections in circular patterns. Just use a water based spray to hold your hair intact, when you are done with your hair do.

7.  Sock Burn Trick


Last but not the least, try the amazing sock bun trick to give your hair the perfect beach wave curls. You can read the tutorial here – How to Curl Your Hair with a Sock

Aren’t all these tips incredible, girls? You can now try them each and see which one suits you most, besides being the most convenient! Wish you a happy makeover!