7 tips to Make Him Fall for You

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You just got home after a date… and you liked the guy! And now you are wondering if he too is thinking about you, did he like you? Should you call him or wait for his call?

Ah! Give rest to your mind for a while. If you really see yourself having a good time with him, don’t leave everything on faith. Take responsibility and make him fall for you.

Now before getting armed and sharpening your claws… make sure you are not imagining things! We, girls are such sensitive creatures that sometimes (most of the times) we see things how we want to see them irrespective of their valid existence. I’ll tell you, my first crush was such a disaster only because I imagined him possessing all those out-of-the-world qualities which the poor (and mean) being didn’t really have.

Once you are sure that he is the one, take things in your hands and be the enchantress he can’t escape. How? Here’s how…

  • Tip # 1 

Let’s start with being yourself… okay! You like him a lot and you want him to fall for you but pretension is definitely not our weapon! Be yourself, the refined version maybe, but yourself. Let him know how you are, your likes and dislikes, your mannerism and trust me, the confidence you reflect when you are not pretending will prompt his interest in you.

  • Tip # 2

Look good but don’t overdo! I know I know, I don’t need to tell you that. You are absolutely gorgeous but you sure don’t wanna look overdressed. Remember, too much make up is an instant turn off for guys. Just highlight your best feature and wear something that underlines your gorgeous body. Yes! A guy can’t keep his eyes off your body (and he may skip looking at your face for a while) so highlight your best part without showing too much skin. Never forget to wear a light perfume to add that extra sensuality. And while you are doing all this keep your eyes on the watch, don’t be late girls! Guys hate waiting as much as we do. Grant him the punctuality and he’ll already like you.

  • Tip # 3 

I know it’s difficult for a chatterbox like you but you have to be a good listener to make it to his good books. If your guy is not the talkative kind, you can take the command but do remember to involve him in the tête-à-tête. Talk about his interests (even if its football, come on! You can’t expect a guy to be interested in the 30% off on Jimmy Choo). Let him know that you wanna know him better.

  • Tip # 4

Laugh a lot. You have no idea how guys love a cheerful bubbly soul. Laugh on his jokes, genuine laughter not made up and don’t hesitate to mock at his PJs. A guy gets that kingly feel when his sense of humor is appreciated. Try to reciprocate the same humor; don’t shilly-shally in cracking that silly joke going on in your mind.

  • Tip # 5

All your life you’ve had the pleasure of getting compliments every now and then (new dress, new lip color, new hairstyle, or even when there’s nothing new) but now is your time to pass compliments. Strange, as it may sound, guys too love being complimented (spare them of that manly tough warrior badge). Tell them how you like them in that black shirt and how you think their eyes are deep and engaging. This will intrigue them to look forward to another date with you where they can impress you more.

  • Tip # 6

Now that you have got the attention, flirt a lil. Yes! A lil flirting won’t make you look desperate and spare the dignity crap for a while. Passing a suggestive comment, giggling on his reaction, sharing a not-so-decent joke or touching his hand accidentally might pull his senses (you know what am talking about! Don’t you?) towards you. Be the saucy lil minx that you are!

  • Tip # 7

And lastly but no less noteworthy… let him take care of you. A guy always wants a girl he can take care of, someone who needs him. So be the needful, and it’s not that tough… right? And don’t forget to counter the favor, a lil care cooked with a lil flirt and garnished with some playful jealousy is the way to it!