7 Tips to Get Rid of Eczema in Kids

Eczema is common among children. This allergy is caused due to dust mites, pollens, woollen clothing, some foods, pollution, bacterial infection, detergents and soaps. It is difficult for a child to cope up with this allergy. As a parent, you can help your lil champ to get rid of it by adopting given below tips.

1. Don’t Treat by Yourself


If your child is suffering from eczema, get him/her treated by the doctor properly. Don’t try to apply your own remedies. Eczema is of different types, and each case requires different treatment.

2. Help them in Sleeping Well


Your child may face difficulty in sleeping due to itchy skin. Use bed-sheets made up of natural fibres or cotton and keep their room cool. Apply moisturizer on kid’s skin before bedtime. Keep pets (cats and dogs) out of the bedroom.

3. Stop them from Scratching


Your tot could feel an urge to scratch the inflamed skin. Stop them from doing so; otherwise it may lead to bleeding or infection. Tell them to hold their arms tightly when they feel scratchy. Trim down their nails.

4. Avoid Tight Clothing


Tight clothing intensifies the itching. Let your child’s skin breathe. Prefer cotton clothes rather than woollen clothes for your kid as cotton clothes minimizes the burning sensation.

5. Don’t Use Harsh Shampoos and Soaps

Little boy washing his hair in the tub

Harsh soaps make the skin dry. Swap to mild shampoos and soaps that are fragrance-free. Consult your doctor/dermatologist to find out the best products for your child. Apply non-steroidal cream or lotion to the kid’s skin after he/she takes shower.

6. Stay Away from Triggers


Pets, dust, debris, and pollen grains may cause this allergy.  If you are known of the elements that trigger eczema, avoid them. Dress your kids in protective clothes whenever they step outside and tell them to wash their hands each time they touch the dusty object.

7. Use Humidifier


The dry air of your house may worsen the situation. In order to increase the moisture, use humidifier. The moisture draws bacteria and mold, so keep the humidifier hygienic.

Follow the above given tips and your tot will surely get the relief.