7 Tips to Enjoy the Party without Piling on Kilos

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Wow! Your friend is throwing a bash on the auspicious occasion of Christmas and New Year. Means a lot of masti and dhaamal is waiting you ahead! But…Why are you looking so bothered? Oh! You are worried about your weight….I can understand when we get together with our friends; it is difficult to self-control to try out whatever is there on the menu. Don’t worry! I have certain tips to enjoy the party without packing on a few unwanted pounds.

1.    Don’t Go with an Empty Stomach


If you go to a bash hungry, you will be tempted to eat everything in sight. Thus, before arriving for the party, consume some healthy snacks. It will prevent you from unhealthy cravings.

2.    Pick a Small Plate


Remember, you have to attend several parties in the coming days. More fried foods and desserts are waiting for you. Try to pick small plate. Don’t pile up your plate on high calorie food. Fill half your plate with salad.

3.    Meet with People


Try to remain away from the food buffet. Indulge in talking to people and enlarge your friend circle. You might have missed gossip with your friends, it’s an excellent opportunity to catch up on all those and celebrate.

4.    Be Selective


A lot of dishes are offered in the party which may tempt you. But, resist your cravings. Eat selective food. Politely refuse your extended family members and friends, if they persuade you to have one more plate.

5.    Eat Fruits


Aim at eating fruits offered in the party. ‘Fruit raita’ or ‘fruit salad’ fills up your stomach without piling you with calories.

6.    Go Easy on the Drinks


Avoid alcohol, tea and coffee. To fight intense cravings for alcohol, drink a glass of water, or fruit juice. Water also helps you to reduce the temptation for food.

7.    Hit the Floor


Party is incomplete without dance. Let’s put on those dance shoes and hit the floor with your friends. You don’t even realize that while enjoying, you are burning a lot of calories.

With this in mind, follow the above tips and rock the party!