7 Tips That Will Make You Feel Better about Yourself


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Thick and thin situations are a part of everyone’s life.  You often come across certain people and situations that make you feel very low and hatred about yourself. You never realize your good qualities but always stick to the negative ones. Another reason behind not feeling good is that you are never satisfied with whatever you have. So, here are the tips and things that will certainly make you feel good about yourself.



Tip #1- Keep Negativity at Bay


One of the key steps to become positive and feel positive about you is to stay away from the negativity. Negativity comes to you when you get so much affected by negative comments that people make about you. Such comments should not bother you at all. Sometimes people try to point out your mistakes so that you can rectify them while other times they try to let you down and humiliate you. It is totally up to you to that what do you choose- listen and move ahead or stick to such negative comments like a glue.

Tip #2- Learning from the Comments of Your Loved Ones


Many-a -times, it happens with all of us that we are compared with other kids in our families during childhood and our parents boast about other kids. With such statements, we begin to believe that we are not good and capable of doing anything, and there and then negativity creeps into our lives. We should understand that our parents and loved-ones make such statements because they want us to excel in life and prove our caliper, and not because they love someone else’s child. Learn from whatever flaws they point out in you and I am sure that you will be a better person.

Tip #3- Make and Set Goals


What makes you feel good about you is smooth and growing life. You should never depend upon situations for deciding the future. Rather, you should set your goals to achieve for both long and short-term and should achieve them on the deadlines. This will make you a more confident and successful person, and eventually you will have a lot to think good about yourself.

Tip #4- No Comparisons Please


One of the common things we do in our everyday life is that we compare ourselves with people around us like colleagues and sometimes even friends. Comparison is something that brings in negativity. There should not be any comparison between you and other people as everyone is blessed with something or the other. It is very obvious that what you have got may not be with the other person and vice versa. You should recognize and appreciate the flairs in you.

Tip #5- Get into Something Nice


Nice means you should take up a task that makes you feel good about you like visiting an orphanage or arranging food for homeless and beggars. You can also help out an aged person in crossing the path or similar job like this. I am sure that after doing such tasks, you will feel amazing from inside.

Tip #6- Care for Yourself


It is very important for you to take care of yourself before you think for the whole world. Your body needs a care and the way you can nurture and care about it, no one else can. Eat a lot fruits, green veggies, go to gym, exercise, and keep it fit and healthy.  All these tasks will make you feel good about yourself from inside.

Tip #7- Inspiration is the Key to Success


This is the ultimate statement, and I completely abide by it. Inspiration brings positivity in life and motivates you to reach your desired goals and destinations. So, get inspired from people around you or from yourself, and start achieving more and more in life.

Follow these useful tips and I am sure that you will be feeling a way better than your present situation.

Go for it!