7 Things to Avoid Wearing in Wedding Ceremonies

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Attending weddings is always fun and entertaining. It is a great place to observe the crazy drama and the sweet moments of different family members. Above all, the most interesting is to watch fashion decisions of invitees.  Sometimes, eyes get to catch flattering dresses and sometime a sheer fashion blunder.

Here, we bring to you tips to pass up being the tactless guest and steal the limelight, when you attend any wedding function next time.

1. Don’t Pick Boring White Or Black!


Regardless of how much the plain colors- white and black, are in trend, those colors should not be your choice for the dress. Sport smiling and cheery colors, like red, orange, mauve, pink and more.

2. Avoid Heels


Weddings functions are quite long and possibly you may require standing all the time. Therefore, wear relaxing sandals/flats, instead of high healed footwear. Heels become more uncomfortable when the venue is outdoor. It is not easy to move around in high heels, as heels dig into the grass. So, make sure to check the wedding place beforehand.

3. Ditch Figure Hugging Attires


Family gatherings and wedding are not the appropriate occasions to flaunt your well maintained figure in skimpy outfits. Tight fitted suits and blouses should be avoided. Instead, drape yourself in graceful and elegant costumes.

4. Casuals are not the Right Clothing Call


Do not try anything that denotes casual on wedding functions, as you may be mistaken for being a ‘wedding crasher’. Keep your casual dresses restricted for sporting events and weekend parties. Don’t even let the thought of donning a T-shirt and a pair of jeans at weddings. Excuse of ‘being in RUSH’ is not at all accepted, no matter how much you are in a hurry.

5. Avoid Being an Attention Hunter


Avoid wearing anything that can draw everyone’s attention on you. Evade items that are too loud and brassy for the event to go by your personality. So, be careful in choosing your accessories, jewelry and bags. Let the bride gather all due attention on her D-day.

6. Prefer Seasonal Comfort


Choose the clothing that is comfortable for the season and your body type. Avoid clothes of the fabric that goes against the weather. Prevent wedding wardrobe disaster on the day of function by checking in advance the required alterations in your outfits.

7. Avoid Overdoing Make Up


Wear a Makeup that is fitting to the venue, season, function, scale and type of the event.  For instance, putting excess foundation in summers can be disastrous, as the heat will play its role to give you a devil look. It is better to seek the help of professional makeup artists, if you’re a little dim-witted about the kind of makeup that goes well in a particular weather.