7 Things that You Should Not Do to Impress Him


There are so many ways that you always try to impress your beau to get his attention. Whether you are a teenager or a mature girl of 25, approach towards impressing your guy always remain the same. Every girl does her best to make her beau fall for her, lifelong. But, there are certain things that you shouldn’t do to impress him as those things may prove to be a turn-off for him, rather than a turn-on.

Who knows better than a guy that by which all means he gets impressed, and what he doesn’t expect from his girl? I, being a guy, is revealing you the seven things that you should take care of while you are trying to impress your guy.

1.     Do Not Act Dumb


Most of the girls start acting dumb in front of guys. Actually, some girls feel that by acting dumb, they will get more love from their beau, but it’s absolutely incorrect! A guy always looks for intelligence and sensibility in his girl, who can understand him. Behave mature and intelligent, and see how your boy will be impressed by your maturity.

2.     Do Not Dress-Up in Skinny and Skimpy Clothes Always


Another thing that proves to be a disaster is the dressing sense of some girls. Some girls feel that they can win the heart of their beaus by wearing skimpy and revealing clothes, like short dresses, hot pants, etc. Mind it! Guys like their girls in such clothes, but not always. If you wear such kind of clothes always, your boy might not look up to you as a potential girl to be his girlfriend or wife. Such outfits will make you look indecent if you will wear them always. Try to be dressed in normal and decent outfits most of the time, if you are really seeking a love from your guy.

3.     Remember Your Mannerism


A guy always falls for a girl full of manners and etiquettes. Respect and humbleness for others is what makes you sophisticated. A girl is always known for her humbleness and how she talks to even strangers. So, always remember to pay respect to everyone around you, no matter, you are talking to a beggar on the street or to your dad. 

4.     Do Not Curse Your Guy


This is the problem with most of the girls. They curse their boyfriends telling them that they do not have this and that qualities and need to be changed. Do not curse your boyfriend at all, as you might think that you are sounding cool, and you have an upper hand, but a guy feels humiliated in the social gathering or even alone by this gesture of yours. This will backfire on your relation. So, avoid it and try to handle things with calmness. 

5.     Keeping Distance with Everyone


This is the biggest blunder that a girl commits while trying to attract a guy’s attention towards her. She maintains a distance from all his friends and other female friends, and even tries to separate him from his family, which becomes a turn-off for a guy, eventually. Always remember that doing such a mischievous act will not strengthen your relation, but will rather weaken it.  You should understand the fact that besides you, there are other important people in his life, and he needs to devote time to everyone.

6.     Stop Being Pretentious


When a guy asks a girl about her interests in sports or some other activity, girls often end up saying that they know a lot about a particular thing. But girls, here you make a mistake! Guys have a habit to interact on such topics, and if you pretend that you have got interest in a particular thing about which you don’t even know, you will be at risk because when the guy will interact more about the same, you will not have anything to answer. So, do not be pretentious and if you do not know about a thing or haven’t got interest, then make it clear in the beginning.

7.     Be Yourself and Let Him be Himself


Do not try to change things in your guy. Of course, if he is addicted to awful habits, like drinking and smoking, you have the right to change him, but do not try to change his lifestyle by dominating him. Many of the girls start pointing out problems in their guys right after a few months of their relationship, which guys do not like. You should always be yourself, and should accept and love the guy for who he is. Even if you want to change something, talk to him politely and tell him that what exactly you do not like and find a solution to the problem.

I hope these tips will help you impress your guy more and will strengthen your bond with him. Apply them in your life and see the magic in your relationship.

All the best!!