7 Tested Makeup Tricks to Make You Look Younger Than Your Age


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Who doesn’t want to look beautiful and charming even at the age of 40 or 50? Women are quite conscious about their age and try to defy the signs of aging since the beginning of their appearance. They try to hide such signs by applying any kind and every kind of makeup on their skin to look youthful. Very few know that makeup, if not put on correctly, can make you look older rather than hiding your imperfections. Here are some useful and tested tricks that will make you look younger than your age.


Tip #1- Go for a Sheer Coverage


If you are aging and have crossed your 40s, then you should go for foundations with sheer coverage or tinted moisturizers. Heavy and medium coverage foundations are tend to settle more over the facial lines and wrinkles, and highlight your signs of aging rather than covering them up. On the contrary, sheer coverage foundations or tinted moisturizers blend smoothly into your skin. Also, use a healthy moisturizer that will nourish your skin and prepare it for the foundation.

Tip #2- Do Not Opt for Darker Tones of Lipsticks


It is a common mistake that most women commit while choosing the lip shade. They opt for the dark colors like browns and maroons. They think that dark colors will hide the lines around their lips, but it is absolutely incorrect.  Darker ones will highlight such signs of aging more than the lighter shades. Lighter tones diminish such signs and their brightness catches attention only on lips and nowhere else.

Tip #3- Do Not Over Highlight Your Brows


Women tend to highlight their eye-brows in the same manner as they used to when they were in their 20s. When you start witnessing signs of aging, do not highlight eye-brows overly as this will catch more attention on your forehead area and its lines. Do feathery strokes and lightly highlight them so that they look realistic.

Tip #4- No Eyeliner on the Bottom Lid of Eyes


When you start aging, eyes are the primary body part that starts showing signs of aging, especially the lower part. Lower part of eye develops fine lines and become puffy as you age. In such a situation, you should use eyeliner or kohl pencil only on the upper lid of the eye, sparing the lower lid. It will catch the attention on the upper lid, making them look luscious while hiding the lower part seamlessly.

Tip #5- Say Bye to Shimmers


With growing age, you need to bid goodbye to certain products from your vanity, and shimmer is one of them. Instead, choose shades that will make your eyes more matte rather than shimmery. Shimmer highlights your eye and brings out the finest lines and creases. So, it’s good to avoid them.

Tip #6- Use a White Shadow


White shadow is something that supports you even when you age. Use white shadow trickily over the areas that are firm and attention will be turned automatically to those areas.

Tip #7- Always Line Your Lips


Many of you think that lining the lips is just an additional spending on makeup. But it is quite fruitful for you when signs of aging peep into your life. If you apply lipstick without lining it, it may bleed and start entering the very fine lines around lips, which looks extremely waggish. However if you outline it with a lip liner, it won’t bleed and will stay at its place for hours.

Follow these tips if you are experiencing the signs of aging and see how they get vanished (obviously superficially).