7 Terrific Tips to Help you Build a Super Skin Care Routine!

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Taking care of your skin is no mean task. Due to a lot of harsh environmental conditions, such as pollution, impure air, unclean water, etc; our skin suffers serious setbacks. Therefore, a proper care routine is essential to rejuvenate and relax your skin. If you don’t already have one, read further to know what you need to do in order to develop that perfectly charming skin. And just in case, you do have a routine, know all the steps involved (and the ones you’ve been missing) for that amazing glow.

1. Find Out Your Skin Type


The first and foremost factor towards developing a skin care routine is to know the type of skin you have. Is it oily, normal, or dry? Are you prone to breakouts or rashes? Are there certain products that do not suit you, etc? The last thing anybody would ever want is a tool or product that isn’t appropriate for them. Take a good look at your skin. If you are unsure, consult a good dermatologist.

2. Cleanse


Now buy a good cleanser for yourself. Cleansers not only clean your skin, they also remove any oil, dirt or makeup, after a long day. Don’t pick just any cleanser of the store shelves (there is a huge variety of them available, all of different types, and with various formulae), buy one which is in sync with your skin type or any other consideration you find important.

3. Exfoliate


Exfoliation helps the skin to get rid of dead cells, prevents clogging up of pores, and reveals a new fresh skin. It shouldn’t feel rough or harsh on your skin; instead, it should feel like sandpaper, making your skin feel smooth and soft, after its use. It is recommended that you exfoliate about 2-3 times in a week.

4. Moisturize


Moisturizing is crucial when it comes to developing a good skin care routine. Usually, all kinds of skin benefit from moisturizers. Use it after you’ve cleansed your face. Apply on your face, neck, etc. You can also use a different moisturizer for the eye area, as it is delicate and will help you prevent dark circles, fine lines and further imperfections.

5. Tone


Toning depends on your skin care. They are usually used by people who have an oily skin, or others, who might want to clean up remaining impurities. Some cleansers promise 100% results, but if you wish to remove excess oil or refresh your skin, the toner is wonderful little product.

6. Sun Protection


Every skin type needs a good sunscreen. Wear your sunblock every time you step out, as it will protect you from fine lines, premature wrinkles, skin discolorations, etc., caused by the harmful rays of the sun. If you aren’t too keen on sunscreens, pick any other beauty product which contains SPF.

7. Stick to Your Beauty Regime


Once you’ve established a beauty regimen; make sure you stick to it. Each time there’s a new product in the market, we all jump to lay our hands on it. This is detrimental to your skin. Stick with a plan, and work on it over a period of time to see good results. Don’t neglect taking care of your skin, no matter how lazy or tired you feel.

Over time, you can include masks, serums and oils in your routine. Don’t feel burdened by the whole process. If you stay patient, you will witness remarkable results. The key is to look forward to taking care of your own skin.