7 Terrific Tips that will help you keep Your Makeup in Place

The escalating humidity of the rainy season makes you so much petulant, irritable and grouchy that you either keenly await the more manageable winters, or dream of running to a distant location. It makes your hair stand like some funny looking wire and whatever makeup you ever apply, runs off with the sweat (not a very pleasant picture, is it?). So, no matter how much time you devote to hide those blemishes, perfecting your complexion or making your skin texture even, the makeup is bound to leave you the moment you step out, almost impersonating you like some sort of witch. Hehe… But then again, what are we for? Here’s a list of 7 foolproof ideas that will help you keep your makeup in place.

1. The very Essential Primer


Primer prevents your makeup from dissolving. It acts like a first-rate base for the makeup by locking it up and thus, preventing a meltdown. And you can always pick a BB or CC cream for good coverage.

2. Pick a Few Ice Cubes


Does it sound too easy to be true? But, so it is. Pick a few ice cubes and apply them over your face. Dab gently. Now blot dry. This helps to close your pores, which restrain sweat from popping out your face. You can easily apply your makeup now.

3. Keep it Light and Simple


This is just a wise decision. Opting for heavy, creamy beauty products will only get you in more trouble. Pick light foundations that do not become thick layers. Some blush and a bit of SPF (containing gloss) are enough to keep you looking (and feeling) wonderful, all through the day.

4. Pick Waterproof Products


Since it’s highly humid, you may expect a lash of rains any moment. And even if it doesn’t rain, your sweat is enough to ruin your appearance. Therefore, opt for items that are water resistant, mainly your kajal and mascara. You will find a number of water-proof brands, if you look around.

5. Eliminate Oil-based Products from Your Makeup Case for Now


Be it your moisturizer, foundation or toner, anything that contains oil has to be kept away. It will make your skin greasy, which will not help in this weather, considering there’s already enough perspiring.

6. Obliterate All Kinds of Liquid Cosmetics


When it’s really hot, humid or you seem to be expecting good rains, forget your liquid makeup products. Liquid eye liners, lip liners, eye shadows, blushes should be given a miss.

7. Stockpile Blotting Papers


While you may take every measure to fight the weather, sometimes you can’t help all the perspiring. In times, like these, the blotting paper becomes your best friend. Keep a packet stashed in your bag and the moment, you feel the situation getting out of control, blot your T-zone, chin or forehead with these little, magical devices.

The above tips are sure to make you look great and dressed to the nines in the scorching, maddening humidity!