7 Telltale Signs that It’s Time for You to Splitsville

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Is he not giving you ample attention? Are you no longer his priority now? Does he start bickering in front of your friends? Does he try to hurt you with his words? Has he found a hobby that doesn’t include you? If so, this signifies that you are heading towards splitsville.

Here are some significant signs that indicate that your relationship is in trouble and you need to take some action, soon!

1.   Lack of Communication


To maintain a lasting relationship, conversation and eye contact are essential. If you need to rack your brain for what to speak next, you should think about your relationship, once again.

2.   Living Separate Lives


It does not make any sense to be with people, who have different priorities. Sometimes, couples have different dreams and paths, and it is not feasible for them to continue the relationship for long.

3.   Lack of Affection


Attraction is an extremely powerful key in any relationship. What’s the point of being with a person, you’re not even attracted towards? If there is no spark flying around you, sooner, or later, you will hit the rock, and your relationship will be doomed.

4.   Resentment


Fights are common in any relationship. Sometimes fights are necessary too, but, not always. When an argument takes a shape of a fully fledged war, then it’s advisable to end it as soon as possible. A violent relationship never goes far and ends with a bang.

5.   Infrequent Sex


What are you saying? Oh no… Decreased sex or no sex in life! Then girls, it’s the time to break up. The loveydovey affection is decreasing, and your partner is busy in other things, then you should think seriously! Whether you are going to make it or break it. Huh!

6.   No Quality Time


When you want to talk about something extremely serious and your partner is not giving proper attention, then it is the time when all the destructive thoughts make house in your head. You start thinking that your partner is taking you for granted, and his priorities have changed the ground.

7.   No Understanding

Couple- relationship-problem

Does he appreciate you for the good work you do? Your friends keep appreciating your work, humour and understanding, but, on the flip side, your partner fails to find any good quality in you. Then, you should think and decide- are you at the correct place? Remember, it’s never too late.

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