7 Tell Tale Signs He’s a Womanizer!

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Falling for the bad guy can be fatal for your heart, demeaning to your soul and grave for your well being. How do I say this with such conviction? Well, as much as I hate to admit it, I’m amongst those who’ve been there and done that. And, since douche is the new cool for hundreds of womanizers around you, we thought of warning you and letting out all the signs that make up typical women hungry man.


1.   It’s about the way he picks you up:

The sure trait of the alpha male lies in the way he picks you up. Every girl deserves a humble and sincere guy and often the times; shyness can be a very endearing attribute. But wait! What does your guy talk about? The car he drives, the girls that chase after him and how hard he party? Moreover, he uses pick up lines more than you use oxygen to keep yourself alive. And of course, he’s so into jewellery and decking up. Do you need any more reasons to take off?

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2.   His words and actions run in the opposite direction:

His promises are rosy, but his actions almost always fail to live up to your expectations. He talks about introducing you to his family, take you out to meet his friends, his profound love for you, but none of it has ever reached fruition. Enough evidence to prove he’s a womanizer  If he isn’t taking out time for you, he is either not interested or even worse, spending it with somebody else. A great woman like you merits someone who’d be eager to be with you.

3.   The only time he wants to see you is late in the night:

The most apparent and common characteristic of a womanizer is if he only wants to see at night. If he disappears during daytime and calls or texts you only after 10 at night, it substantiates the fact that he only has sex on his mind. If he really is into you, he will ask you out for a brunch date or a movie or send you texts that make you smile. If he plans to “hang out” only when the sun is down, you are dealing with the lousiest one.

4.   Compliments you more often than required:

So you are beautiful, funny, amazing, talented, one of a kind and he hasn’t met anyone like you before. Well, you love all the nice things he says to you (who wouldn’t , but is he over doing it? Is he crossing the fine line by mentioning your hair and eyes every 5 minutes? This is all being done to get into your pants. Stop girls. Stop it right away. He definitely is a bad apple.

5.   Makes no effort to contact you after you both hook up:

One word. Loser. That’s what he is. First, he does everything to woo you; next, you both spend a night together and what does he do? Sum up the entire act by just disappearing? Now, the best thing you can do for yourself is not to waste your time and energy on him and clearly move on. His bad luck he failed to recognize what he’d be missing.

6.   Trace his social media:

No matter how much you oppose it, his interactions with his female friends on social media clearly indicate how he is as a person. And, you need no advice on it, you’ll realize and be able to analyse it the moment you see it. If he posts a picture with a new girl every day, or if you find girls commenting on his status saying “last night was so much fun”, “thanks for those red roses”, you know you’re in trouble. And if he replies stating he loved the whole thing too and cannot wait to see them again, you know you’re in deep, grave, serious trouble. He just loves the girl population, and you happen to be nothing special.


7.   He flirts, shamelessly and with every bloody girl:

Men, since their creation, have been known to check out and allure women. But there has to be a finishing line to everything. If his wandering eye wanders away once in a while, it’s absolutely cool, and you’re dating a normal, healthy guy. But if he persistently and relentlessly chases a new woman every week, it’s time you get a hang of the situation and not push your luck. He just wants to play the field and has absolutely no emotions attached to you.

We hope these warning signs help you steer clear of the wrong, loser brigade of the male population. They are attention hungry and far evil than you can imagine them to be. Stay in denial, stay foolish, and you are bound to wreak your emotional state. Let go of such corrupt people. You will definitely attract someone better.