7 Sure Shot Tips to Help You Beat the Monday Blues


“Work hard, party harder” is a saying that sure sounds fun, but how can one party at all when all that is lurking in one’s mind, on the weekend, is the ordeal of the dreaded Monday?! Everyone loves their days off, so while on the Fridays and Saturdays, you are in the best of your spirits, and it is usually on Sundays that one becomes sulky and sullen. The “Morose Mondays” as they are often called, have long been sucking away the fun out of our lives; however, we’ve come up with our very own 7 terrific ideas that are going to aid you in accepting Mondays better.

1.     Create a Plan


We usually feel futile when we have nothing to do. Being idle is something the human mind rarely gets conditioned to. So make a plan, it will not only make you have things planned out for the day, but will give you a sense of purpose that will definitely make you look forward to Mondays. Getting things done will keep you rejuvenated, and striking off each item from your to-do list will help you in ways, you have long been neglecting. Have your day planned in advance and go accomplishing each due task. Before you even know it, your hated Monday evening will disappear right before your eyes.

2.     Make Yourself Your Favorite Breakfast


Food is everyone’s weak point. So treat yourself to the thing you most enjoy eating- eggs, bacon, fruit salad, vegetable sandwiches, paranthas- anything! Good food usually triggers a happy emotion in our minds. Waking up at 6 AM with absolutely no incentive is quite an unachievable thing to do. So imagine yourself in front of that scrumptious plate, and you’ll jump out of bed with a happy frame of mind.

3.     Good Music


Little things in life matter, therefore, pay attention to the details. Set your favorite peppy song as the alarm tone, and create a playlist of good songs that you can hear every Monday. Good music keeps one invigorated, and remember, absolutely no sulking!

4.     A Yummy Lunch


After getting through the first part of the maddening Monday, get yourself your favorite lunch to get through the remaining. Either prepare in the morning, before you head out of your house, or grab something from a restaurant that is nearby your work place. It surely is something you will look forward to.

5.     Send a Monday Morning Text to the People in Your List


Communication always helps. So grab your phone and send an inspirational or a nice happy Monday text message to your friends and co-workers. You’ll be happy to see their replies and will be able to cheer your own people.

6.     Smile


This sounds ridiculously simple, but it is also one of the prime things we forget to do. So, the next time you get bummed about Monday, make sure you smile; you’ll automatically feel the tension evaporating away. Smiling subconsciously helps you to convince yourself that it’s going to be fine. Steer away from frowning, and yes, smile a lot please!

7.     Celebrate the End of the Day in a Small but Gratifying Day


Since Mondays are usually jam packed, and you’ve got a whole week ahead of you, the more flamboyant celebration options wouldn’t be practical. So rather pick a chilled beer, pour some nice wine for yourself or give yourself a good hot shower at the end of the day. These little things are a way of rewarding yourself after a tough days’ work, and will really help surviving Mondays.

We hope the above listed ideas will aid you ace the Mondays, no matter how cross you feel, we are sure, these tiny tricks are going to make you feel a lot, lot better! So now, let us rechristen the “Morose Mondays to Magical Mondays”. Cheers!