7 Special Care Tips for Your Woolens This Winter

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With the arrival of the winter season, our wardrobe gets stacked with sweaters, shawls, scarves, jackets and other woolen attires. Woolen fabrics are, however, difficult to maintain. But, if handled properly, they can be kept pristine for many years.

Here are some tips to keep your woolens in good colour and shape for many years.

1.    Brushing

Woolens accumulate a lot of dust even in a single wear, so, brush each time you put them on. Brushing helps in keeping away the dust and maintaining the texture of the woolen clothes intact.

2.    Wash Carefully

  • Wash your woolens with hands, unless it is labelled with ‘Dry Clean Only’.
  • It’s imperative to select the right detergent for hand-washing the woolen fabrics. Godrej Ezee Liquid Detergent is the only Woolmark certified detergent in India, with a mild yet effective cleansing effect.
  • Never use bleach for washing, otherwise it badly affect the colour of the expensive woolens.
  • Put few drops of Ezee in a bucket of water and soak woolen garments in it for 3-5 minutes. Rinse with cold water and squeeze gently. Don’t wring the cloth.

3.    Dry in Shade

  • After washing the woolen garments, don’t hang them on hangars.
  • Also, avoid drying them in a clothes line, because drying in this manner may distort the shape of your favourite cloth.
  • Put them on a flat surface and allow them to dry at room temperature.
  • Do not dry them in heat or sunlight.

4.    Get the Woolen Outfits Dry Cleaned

  • For some expensive woolen fabrics, hand-washing is strictly not allowed. They are labelled with ‘Dry Clean Only’. Therefore, always visit a quality dry cleaner.
  • After coming from the dry cleaner, ensure that the clothes are free from any sort of odour.

5.    Ironing

  • Never iron the dry woolen clothes.
  • Use steam heat while pressing.
  • Iron on the inside of the sweater.
  • Set your iron to ‘WOOL’, before pressing

6.    Storing

Generally, we completely ignore the storage of woolen clothes, after using them. The result is that we have to reinvest for the woolen clothes, the next winter season.

  • Always store woolens in dry, dark and cool place.
  • Put mothballs in the shelves, where you are storing your woolen fabrics.
  • Never store slightly damp jackets or sweaters in the wardrobe; otherwise they may get attacked by the pests and insects.

7.    Wear with Care

Only washing and storing the woolens properly will not solve the purpose. You need to wear them consciously.

  • Don’t use woolen garments roughly.
  • If you carry a briefcase or a laptop bag on your shoulder, the wool may get stretched. So be careful while carrying laptop.