7 Signs of a Bully Boss

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One of the last persons (on this earth) I had to face was my bullying boss. His much-loved dialogue was “who is your boss?” He was not only a bullying boss but a skilful liar. He was not liked by anyone in the office but we had to admit the fact that… he was our boss. He had made my life miserable, he rattled me constantly and I could hardly sleep. At some pint of our career, all of us may be bullied at our workplaces. Experts claim that there’s a common lack of awareness about being bullied in the workplace. Often, it’s too late by the time we realise that our boss is a bully. So, here is a list of seven signs of a bully boss.

1. Temper Temper 24-7

Is your boss out of his nerve most of the time? Does he constantly nag you for no reason? Well, sadly we can’t have a control over his emotions but we can suggest him ways to stay cool (if you have the guts). Never switch off his A/C even when he is out for lunch… coz you never know when he can burst on you.

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2. Public Humiliation

Does he pick on you in front of your colleagues and humiliate you constantly?  No matter how sincere you are, he/ she will always have a problem with you. Well, is he insecure of you (as you may steal away the show)? Whatever it is, I am sure your colleagues will have a good time in the verbal tongue-lash.

3. Stealing Spot Light Away

You worked tirelessly on your project for your company and after the presentation… your boss takes away all the praise. Bully bosses love to steal the glory and credit, and they make you look as if you were never decent enough.

4. You Are Left Behind

Have your boss ever made you feel left out on an official meeting, lunch party or in an important presentation. If yes, then this is a red flag for you and a certain sign of a bully boss. It is healthier to know that you are bullied than to feel miserable about it.

5. He Is Too Busy

If your boss is constantly busy on phone calls and meetings rather than taking out time to sign off your documents. Beware! Another sign, he never provides you with the company’s facts and figures. I know the fact that, bosses get really busy, but if yours is constantly busy… watch out.

6. You Are Constantly Tired

I memorize the days when I used to feel so hammered even during my weekends because of the extra work given by my boss. Going to office was a nightmare for me. I couldn’t enjoy my downtime. Weekends are meant to relax… forget all office worries. Picking on extra work is not a sign unless your boss has piled on additional heap of work for you on weekends.

7. Dreadful Dreams

If you get horrifying dreams about your boss, it symbolises his terror and authority over you. May be you just can’t get out of his terror and fear. (Well, it may also symbolise the strong bond you share with him). Lol! To envision your (beloved) boss is certain that you are dealing with a bullied boss.

Are any of these signs familiar to your boss? Do tell! Unfortunately, there are bullies everywhere … and women are the victim of these social evils. It’s time to raise your voice … get familiar to the laws and regulations at your workplace.