7 Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

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“A woman travelling alone was robbed by 2 dacoits.”

“A woman, who was travelling alone to Delhi, was gang raped by 4 persons.” …..

Newspaper remains cluttered with such news. Whenever I read these reports, a thought comes in my mind that why travelling is so prodigious, especially for solo women? Is there no way to escape from these wandering eyes? Women can make their trip hassle free with these safety tips.

1. Beware of Strangers

Geet of “Jab We Met” probably found a charming dejected man on a train and managed to endure the audacious journey unharmed. But, remember you are not Geet and are not going to find such a man in a bus or train. Don’t chat with strangers. If someone gets into a talk with you, try to keep it minimal and avoid sharing your personal information.

2. Travel in Daytime

Sometimes, when you reach to an unknown place at night, it becomes difficult to find a hotel. If possible, manage to travel in day time, so that you will be able to find a safe accommodation at the new place before dark.

3. Minimum Luggage

As you are travelling alone, don’t carry too much luggage that it becomes difficult to handle. Avoid carrying cash and jewellery. Keep an eye on your belongings.

4. Keep an Eye on the People Around You

Generally, women feel safer to sit with other women. But, in fact, women may also entice into dire situation. If you are not feeling comfortable with the person sitting next to you, confer with other passengers to sit at your place or request for a seat change.

5. Conservative Dressing

In order to avoid unwanted attention, don’t wear short skirts, tight clothes or revealing tops. Be dressed either in a Salwar Kameez with a shawl/dupatta, or, you can also put kurta, a shirt or a comfortable top on your jeans/trousers.

6. Demonstrate Confidence

Be confident, if you are travelling for the first time. Don’t give anybody a clue that you are a first time traveler. Reveal that you use to travel frequently and well aware about the place. Keep firmness in your voice.

7. Don’t Borrow

Don’t accept anything from anyone. There have been several cases where drinks and food were muddled up with drugs and then the women were sexually assaulted or robbed.

Follow these tips and enjoy a safe solo journey!