7 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast


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Many-a-times, you skip breakfast or have just a bite of it for many possible reasons. One the possible reasons could be that you are getting late for your work and think of having something in the office. Apart from that, people, who are on dieting, skip breakfast it in their regular regime and have lunch directly. Most of you do not realize the importance of breakfast that how much it provides and contributes to your body and skin. Here are the proven facts about the breakfast that will make you realize the true importance of having proper and healthy breakfast, before starting your day.


Fact #1- Makes You More Energetic


Experiment it for two days. On day 1, do not have anything in breakfast and head directly to your work and have lunch directly. On the other day, have plentiful of breakfast (as per your diet) and go to work. Feel the difference between the two situations. The day, when you will go to work with loaded stomach, you will feel more energetic from within as breakfast raise the energy levels inside your body and prepares your body for the rest of the day. It is advisable to have two boiled eggs for breakfast. The reason for having eggs is that protein raises your energy levels. Moreover, it hold backs your appetite and makes you feel fuller from within.

Fact #2- Makes You More Alert


If you will skip breakfast, your brain will not work as efficiently as it can after having breakfast. Your body needs to be fueled in order to function properly. Moreover, breakfast makes you more alert. You will feel more sleepy and lethargy if you will head to work or school without having it.

Fact #3- Helps in Weight-Loss


Eating a healthy and proper breakfast can even aid you in weight-loss. As I suggested earlier, have eggs and besides that, have oats in your breakfast to lose weight quickly and effectively. Obviously, you will have to skip on sweets and desserts by controlling the sweet tooth inside your mouth.

Fact #4- Lowers the Risk of Diabetes Mellitus


Breakfast controls the levels of blood-sugar inside your body, and if you skip breakfast, you will be raising the blood-sugar levels indirectly. As breakfast controls obesity, and obesity controls diabetes, so, you run on a safer side if you are having a proper breakfast meal.

Fact #5- Decreases the Risk of Heart Attack


If you provide adequate and plentiful energy to your body in the morning itself, all your organs will stay healthy, including one of the vital organs- Heart. So, having breakfast will also control heart related ailments as nutrition and energy will be supplied to your heart in the morning itself.

Fact #6- Lowers the Risk of High Blood Pressure


A study has shown that having egg whites can cure the risk of having high blood pressure related problems. So, go for a breakfast containing eggs, and keep blood pressure and all the other health problems at bay.

Fact #7- Spares You from Mood Swings


Studies have revealed that people suffer mood swings and irritation if they land to their workplace without having breakfast. Breakfast keeps a person refreshed and energetic, and he/she works in a better mood. So, always have breakfast as it is the instant energy booster.