7 Reasons Why Staying with Your Mother-in-law is Beneficial

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You’re getting married in a couple of days. Everyone is happy, so are you. Amid all happiness, something that is bothering you is the presence of mother-in-law in your married life. This sends shiver down your spine. It is because you carry preconceived notion about them that they are bitter, over bearing, intrusive, and offensive. But, it’s not completely true. They don’t get on nerves, as you think. There are many benefits of living close by to mother –in- law, right from cooking advice to raising children, which you can’t overlook. Here we go with those advantages-

1.   Assists in Coaching


Husbands are subjected to a certain lifestyle, before the arrival of wives in their life. Being a wife, you need to compromise slightly, as far as his likes and tastes are concerned. No person can be a better one than his own mother, to make you known to his personal likings and choices.

2.   Better Learning of Family Dynamics


She is the only woman who can help you in understanding and grasping the every dynamic of family workings. So, when you open the new chapter of your life, it’s she who assists you in knowing about the family and living in peace with them.

3.    Learning from Her Experience


Mother- in -law shares her first hand experience and knowledge, which she gathered in all these years. She guides you in household work, and tells you about the behavioural aspects of your husband and other family members. She makes you learn financial, emotional, and cultural aspects that are crucial and decisive to the family, through her lifetime knowledge.

4.   Babysitter to Your Kids


No one can do babysitting as good as your kids’ grandmother can do. She will take care of your baby when you’re out on a job. She will provide you lessons on raising children.

5.   Helps in Becoming Multitasking


It is merely the observation, and you can learn many things, and that is what your mother- in –law will make you do. You will observe her doing things and hone your skills, and thus learning the art of becoming multitasking, and achieving perfection in every work.

6.   Crucial for Personality Development

mother-in-law-with-daughter-in-law-in sarri

It is a criticism of mother-in-law that ultimately helps a bride in her self-development. Through her experience, you will get to learn the basics of marital life, and polish your personality.

7.   Develop the Art of Listening


When you become a bride, you get advices in abundance from your mother- in- law. This will actually make you understand and learn- which advice is to take in and which is to dissipate. Therefore, you learn to filter unnecessary advices, given by her at times.

It depends entirely on your luck that what she turns to you- a ‘mother’ or a ‘mother- in- law’ but you can’t undermine her presence in your married life. Her absence will squeeze out the charm from your married life. Give attempts and push yourself to develop a cordial relationship with her. Forgive and forget, if she is making you annoyed at times, and try to build up a decent and respectable relationship with her.