7 Mouth Watering Holi Special Recipes

Holi is a great festival of enjoying sweet and sour delicacies. So, here we begin with the top 7 Holi recipes to fill your day with warmth and colours.

Happy cooking ladies!

Let’s start with something “MEETHA” first!

1.      Meethi Kachori


A must have sweet dish on the auspicious occasion of Holi.

Read the Recipe here: Meethi Kachori Recipe 

2.     Besan Ki Papdi


Chatpatte and teekhi besan ki papdi to hit your taste buds in the festive season.

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3.     Thandai


This yummy drink is flavoured with saffron and dry fruits to quench your thirst.

Read the Recipe hereThandai Recipe

4.    Dahi Bhalle


Deep fried vadas topped with spicy yogurt is simply out of the world. Serve your guests with soft, delicious and melt-in-the mouth dahi vadas.

Read the Recipe hereDahi Bhalla Recipe

5.     Kanji Vada


After eating too much sweet, you need some digestive drink. So, here is the recipe of Kanji Vada.

Read the Recipe hereKanji Vada Recipe

6.     Rang-Birangi Gujiya


Sweeten your tongue and mood with the splash of these colourful Gujiyas, on the festive occasion of Holi.

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7.      Lassan Ki Mathri


To get into the spicy and strong savour of garlic, nothing better can tempt you, than these crispy mathris on this festive season.

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