7 Makeup Tips for Indian Skin Tones

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Though Indian skin tones are most loved and admired all over the globe, but at times it’s quite confusing to predict the Indian tones, especially when it comes to makeup. While doing makeup on an American skin, it is quite easy to choose the foundation’s shade and other makeup as they do not vary a lot in their tones, but in India, there is a diversity of skin tones and textures. You can find tones from fair to dusky to dark. It is quite challenging to pick the right makeup and apply it for a natural look. Here are really important and useful makeup tips for Indian skin tones to make them look their best.

Tip #1- Stop over Cleaning Your Face


Your facial skin is the most sensitive area of your body and it should not be treated harshly. Many of you rub your face with towel to remove the tiniest droplet of water. It is an absolutely incorrect formula. The correct one is to pat it dry with a towel gently and let a little water sit on your face (if it is left). Indian skins are way too sensitive and get red rashes and patches quite easily, so take care of it.

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Tip #2- Do Not Forget to Conceal


Indian women are very fond of applying makeup, but mostly they end up making it look waggish due to wrong choice of foundation. Moreover, most of the Indian women do not wear a concealer to hide the imperfections of face and under eyes, thinking that foundation alone will do the needful.  Concealers are meant to hide your under eye puffiness and dark circles, which foundations do not cover.

Tip #3- Foundation


When you buy a foundation, test at least 3 shades similar to your skin tones, and buy the one that blends seamlessly on your face. Brands like MAC and Bobbi Brown make a lot of shades in foundation so that you can choose the exact match for your skin. Most of the women commit the mistake of buying a foundation lighter than their skin tone, to look fairer, but that makes them look cakey rather than natural. You should wear a makeup that should not look like a makeup.

Tip #4- Go for Browns, Pinks, and Reds


When it comes to choosing lip color or eye shadows, pick from the tones of reds, browns, and pinks as these are three colors that make the Indian skin look at its best with a lot of glamour. You can pick from the tints and shades of these colors. Tints means the lighter tone of the standard color and shades means the darker tones of the same standard color.

Tip #5 Eyes


The best feature of Indian women is their eyes. Since ancient times, Indian women have been using their flair to make their eyes as attractive as possible. Make your eyes look dramatic and bold, wear a thick liner and highlight your lashes with 2-3 quotes of mascara.

Tip #6- Blush


Another mistake that Indian women commit is choosing the wrong shade of blush. Most Indian women have yellow tones and not purely whitish, but still they opt for reds and pinks as their blush shades. You should always pick the peachy tones for yellow toned skins (color of most Indian women). Pink will look very artificial while peach will give your cheeks more lifted and natural look.

Tip#7- Face Powder


Indian women put a lot of dry face powder on their face, no matter what. They do it just for the sake of looking fairer. While dusting with powder, you should make sure that you apply just the optimum amount and not more than that, else it will make your whole look the cakey one, which I am sure that you don’t want.