7 Makeup Tips for Dark Skinned Beauties


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Choosing the right makeup for the right skin tone can be extremely challenging task, especially if you are dark and picking up stuff for yourself. Makeup colors and tone vary drastically from one skin tone to other and one should never copy other’s colors as the difference in skin tone will bring out the disastrous results. Out of all the skin tones, it is really challenging to perform makeup on dark beauties as one has to be very particular in choosing the right shades and tones of foundations and shadows to do it. So, here are a few tips for dark skinned women to perform makeup flawlessly, which will make them look their best.


#1  No to Light Makeup


If you are dark, then you should not even think of using light tones anywhere in your makeup. Light colors will make you very chalky as they will get highly prominent on your face. Go for dark colors or medium-dark colors, which will highlight your features.

#2  Foundation


One has to be really choosy while picking up the foundation as foundation actually lays the foundation for your face makeup. There are two broad shades of foundations- one that comes in yellow tones and the other one that comes in pink tones. Dark skin beauties should always go for yellow tones blindly as pinkish tones of foundations are meant for fair and extremely fair beauties.

#3  Lips


When it comes to highlighting lips, dark skin beauties should stay away from bright colors as that will look too waggish. Instead, they should opt for earthy colors, like tones of yellows and browns, which will make them stand out beautifully.

#4  Shimmers and Metallic Shades for Eyes


I have advised you not to pick light tones, but you can always play with metallic and shimmery shades. For highlighting eyes, you should pick shades that are bold and going to look dramatic, like shimmers and metallic shades of all types. It will add a lot of glamour to your entire look.

#5  Cheeks


For the sake of highlighting cheeks, go for shimmers again as this will bring a glow to your dark cheeks and cheeks will be highlighted flawlessly. You can go for a blush that contains shimmer in it to bring out the dramatic cheekbones.

#6  Eyebrows and Eyes


Eyes are one of the key features in women with which, they can play really well. Dark skinned women should always highlight their eyes with a liner and should accentuate the appearance of brows by using a brown pencil if they are too light, or by simply keeping them in shape always.