7 Jobs That Might be Vanished by 2030

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No doubt, technological advancement and automation has increased the productivity level of the workers, but at the same time, has also led to the loss of several jobs. As the sectors of artificial intelligence and robotics are developing further, many jobs will get vanished. Most of these professions will be of middle-class category.

Here is the list of some jobs that are at the verge of desertion by the year 2030.

1.  Postal Service Mail Carriers


Previously, post offices required the postmen for delivering invitations, letters, and bills to the people. But today, technological advancements have made it possible to send invitations, business letters and bills via email. We can also pay our bills online. Thus, the demand of mail carriers has decreased to a great extent, and by 2030, this profession is likely to be vanished completely.

2.  Toll Booth Operators


The manual toll booths are soon going to be replaced by automatic toll booths with post subscription/ payment and video detection system. Several developed countries have already installed this automated system. By 2030, many developing countries will also implement this system, thereby, reducing the need of toll booth operators.

3.  Cashiers


Are you exhausted standing in the long queue for paying your bill of grocery? You need not to bother any more. In the near future, check stands will get completely automated. You will have to just leave your grocery items on the belt and the robot will tally it. This will trim down the requirement of cashiers.

4.  Desktop Publishers


With the help of computer software, the professionals design newsletters, banners, advertisements, brochures, business cards, etc. Now-a-days, companies prefer to hire web designers, graphic designers or copy editors to accomplish the challenging tasks of graphic designing. This has reduced the demand of desktop publishers.

5.  Correspondents and Reporters


Currently, there is a great demand of correspondents and reporters. But, this trend will decelerate gradually. The big news organizations are merging with the small ones, and the superfluous professionals, covering the similar news repetitively, are asked to quit their job.

Most of the people tend to acquire information either through news channels or via internet. The newspaper readers, all over the world, are also declining day by day. Several newspaper organizations have closed down, leading many reporters to give up their profession.

6.  Post Masters


The technology has enabled us to connect to any part of the world within a few seconds, via internet and mobiles. We can send messages, photos, and share information just by a click. As a result, post offices have to bear a great loss and due to this reason, many of them got closed, resulting in the declination of the demand of post masters.

7.  Agriculturists and Farmers


There was a time when agriculture was considered as the main occupation of India. But gradually, farmers are migrating towards urban areas. They are selling out their agricultural lands to industrialists or MNCs at a very high price, and are settling in cities, engaging themselves in the profession of labor. As a result, agriculturists are diminishing day by day.

Another reason for the decline in this sector is improvement in the agricultural fertilizers and technology, which requires only a few farmers to engage in this profession.