7 Incredible Art Houses that are Too Strange to Believe

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Home is a place, where we get relief from every nasty situation. But, what if our house becomes weird, and just at the first glance, people say WTF! A house says a lot about ones personality. After looking at the below weird creations, it’s not strange, if someone says, ‘He has forgotten to take medicine, before even thinking of creating a building like this?’

Here, we are showing you the most bizarre houses and the insane stories behind it.

1. The Elephant Art House


Believe it or not, what you are seeing, is true. This gigantic haunted, ancient house is located in Cornville (AZ, USA), which is built by the artists- Michael Kann, and his better half, Leda Livant.

2. The Upside Down House


I am pretty sure that nobody would dare to lean on the other side, initially. Look at the picture to find, Why I wrote all that. This picture of ‘The Upside down House’, taken in Szymbark (Poland), will arouse your curiosity. The motive behind building this house is to explain the communist era of its time- by Daniel Czapiewski.

3. Wooden Skyscraper


Here comes the ‘Playboy house’. This house is built by the famous gangster of his times. The house contains- a ballroom, 6 stories’ bath house, numerous rooms, and gardens. This is something, inspiring. 

4. Shoe House


Can you imagine yourself, living in a shoe? A renowned Hotelier, “Ron Van Zyl” had a fantasy to live in a shoe. He made it possible, to live in it. In 1990, he built the shoe house, which included- a camp site, light- chalet house for guests, and a pool bar restaurant.

5. Space House


Remember the news regarding, action of the ‘Space house’?

Let me show you an unique piece of art. The auction to sell the house was failed. Later, it was opened for the public, to decide the rate of this saucer-like building. 

6. Hang Nga Villa


It looks like a fairy tale of a child. This bizarre- looking horrible structure, is in Dalat, Vietnam. It was built by ‘Madame Hong Nga’, and now, it is known as a ‘Scary or Crazy’ house.

7. Teapot Dome 

Teapot Dome Service Station

A strange house, I have ever seen. It is known as ‘Teapot Dome’, in WA, USA. It was built keeping in mind, the very famous teapot scandal, related to the former president of USA. This is bizarre, and weird.