7 Home Decor Tips for Your Rented Accommodation


“A house is a home when it shelters the body and comforts the soul.”

Phillip Moffitt

Your house reflects your sagacity of style. It’s your relaxing zone. Home provides you repose after a daylong hassle. If you are not having your own accommodation and living in a rented one, you can spruce it up just by spending a little money.


It will give you a feeling that you’re living in your own home. Here are some inexpensive tips to jazz up your rented abode.

1. Flooring


Replace the old, faded and shagged carpet with a new-one. This way, you can conceal the dings and stains of the floor. Place rugs in the kitchen, in the hallway and in front of the doors. While purchasing the carpet or rug, ensure that it goes with the decor you want to do.

2. Curtains


You can live up your rented house by using stylish curtains. You can get nice curtains at a low price in clearance sales or thrift shops. A curtain can be used to cover the crack in the wall, broken box, unused furnace vent or hideous closet.

3. Mirror


If your rented house is small, you can make it look large by using mirrors. Mirror reflects the light, giving the room more spacious appearance. If you have a frameless flat mirror, just dangle it on the wall and paint a frame around it by hand.

4. Furniture

Furniture for living room

Often when we budge into a rented house, we fetch with us a jumble of a variety of furniture items. It doesn’t look nice. You can make your sofa, couches and chair look good by simply tossing them with slipcovers. You can either purchase slipcovers from market or make them from old curtains or bed sheets.


A coat of paint can do marvels for shelves and tables. By applying same color, you can bring together the furniture with different styles.

5. Plants

plants for living room

You can adorn your rented house with plants. If you are juggling with the small space, you can display plants in hanging baskets. A tall plant in the corner of the house adds on to prettiness of the house.

6. Lighting

lighting for living room

Rented houses are generally not provided with enough windows. So, lighting is a big problem. This problem can be solved by using brightly-colored or funky lampshades. For lighting a smaller area, use table lamps. For illuminating the whole room, use floor lamps.

7. Wall Coverings

Wall Coverings for living room

If your landlord doesn’t allow you to paint the house, you can use wall coverings to deck the walls. Stretch a nice fabric and zip it with staples. Wrap the staple with fabric trim. If you are using lightweight fabric, you can simply glue it to the walls using a mixture of water and cornstarch.

Above tips will help you to beautify your home without paying out too much from your pocket.