7 Hairstyles that Guys Love on You

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The hairstyles we make and the hairstyle your man love can be poles apart. Don’t you trust me? Ask your man about it. Just ask him about what’s his take on your new hairstyle. However, there are a few styles that your man loves. So, if you wish to know the man-approved hairstyles, keep reading!

1. Sonakshi’s Loose and Long


Every man I asked listed this hairstyle at the very first place in his man-approved hairstyle. They love to see flowing, long, and loose hair locks, which is not overly done but soft and manageable. And you have long and wavy hair already, it’s a bonus! Well, you can always go for curls at the ends, for a lil change.

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2. Katrina’s Sporty High Pony Tail


Apparently, guys are in love with the sporty high ponytail that gals keep. I never thought that guys would like this casual look. All you have to do is tie your hair up, tightly with a rubber band. Spray a hair spray if you have to be secured!  Be it gym or an evening party, you are all set to go with this lazy-sporty look.

3. Sonam’s Librarian Up Do


I don’t think there is a single man who doesn’t love the sexy librarian look.  Rock it with your sexy low bun, with a few clips and pins. Wear a gown, pencil skirt, blazers or an Indian outfit and you will rock the look, and am sure he is gonna love it!

4. Priyankya’s Blow Dry Hair


We knew this one, right? Men love such sexy hair, especially when it is nicely blow dried. Smoky eyes… LBD… black stilettos and nicely blow dried hair is all you need to sizzle in the crowd. Blow-dry it upside-down, with inward or outward turns.

5. Kareena’s Face Framing Hair


Whether you keep it long or short, guys love the layered look. This works out well for every length hair. So, next time you go to the salon, add on a bit layers when you trim. Your man will die to brush your layers from top to bottom, each time you see him. Doesn’t that feel great?

6. Deepika’s Side Braids


Think…! What your guy loved about Deepika in cocktail? Wear these braids to your office, night party, gym or dinner party and let your man go nuts over you. And, also let others also comment on you (If they have the authority to).

7. Kangana’s Short and Saucy Hair


While the majority of the guys claimed that short hair isn’t sexy, a few of them said that they would not mind to see it if done neatly on the right gal. And if your hair is thinning day by day, go for this short look. Go for a stylish bob or a pixie cut, if you don’t wanna go completely short!

The bottom mantra is that it’s our wish what we do to our hair. We don’t need any ones approval to follow a style! But, if you wanna impress your man with his favourites, then give it a try! Did it work well? Do tell!