7 Flirting Tutorials for Shy Girls

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Flirting is not every woman’s cup of tea, especially if you are a shy girl, in person. After all, who wants to face rejection? But, sometimes shy girls need to drop hints if you feel for a guy. Last night, I read a book named “A Black Belt in Flirting”, after that I could not stop sharing my thoughts with you. Instead of jotting down these points, I memorised them efficiently, to share the art of flirting with you. (This applies only for shy girls)

1. Don’t overdo!


If you are a coy girl, learn to flirt in the right way, rather than jumping directly into him! Never hit too hard- it will get terribly much obvious especially if you are uncomfortable. Also, stop showing your keenness otherwise he will take you for a ride!

2. Try first

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When I say practice first, you don’t have to behave like drama queen  when you confront him. Neither, you have to write down a script and memorize it day and night. Just try to analyze the situation, think about the things you would like to say to your man when he is around you. Things would get much easy in real life situation.

3. Get in role

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Do you think, you are one of those girls, on which guys never pay attention? If yes, start seeing you as the most beautiful girl on this earth. Think of someone who is hot and happening at the same time, appealing to the opposite sex.

4. Start showing interest


None of the guys are attracted to girls who show no interest in them. Yes, that is the main problem for coy gals. I know it is a lil difficult for you to start a conversation,but at least take interest in what they say, nod your head, smile and look back!

5. Get a lil naughty


If you are sitting close to each other while you are in a conversation, elbow him, smile and laugh aloud when he teases you. Hold his hand gently, if you have been dating him from quite a while.

6. Highlight your best features


Being shy does not mean you have to stay effortless and confused. Also, that doesn’t mean you don’t have the looks. Whether it’s your overwhelming smile or beautiful long hair, make the most of them. And, if you have deep profound eyes, look deep into his eyes and rock at him. I am quite sure that he will admire all your expressions.

7. Don’t behave like an innocent lamb


There is nothing alluring than a beautiful smile. If you pass on a nervous smile, chances are, he would try to get away from you. Avoid that nervous smile of yours. Let your smile reach his heart.

Yes, I know you are a shy gal. But things have to get started…! Its 21st century and we cannot expect the boys to take the move each time. Even if, he starts the procedure, you have to respond to him. And, do not forget that there are guys who are shy even! Right?