7 Deadliest Lakes around the Globe

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I am a nature lover, and love to explore the world. The lurking beauty attracts many heads, do you agree with me? Do you also think, the divine and beautiful lakes give some reconciliation? But what if these beauties turn scary and you start to grit your teeth, out of fear. Let’s have a look and experience it, by our own naked eyes.

1. Jack Lockwood, USGC


Imagine the darkness around it, and you are living in the village, where only loud ‘boom’ sound hits your ear, and the poisonous tentacles, or frogs rolling over the lake. This whole creation was formed due to the eruption of the volcanoes, many years ago.

2. Lake Nyos Cameron


This water can take your life forever because it contains CO2. This lake is one of the exploding lakes on earth, where the magma leaks the chemical into the water, and it is considered to be very dangerous to people, who are living nearby. Even the air is poisoned and has already taken many innocent lives. 

3. Horseshoe Lake, California


This lake is one of the beautiful, yet deadliest lakes in the world. Don’t go over the beauty, this lake has some poisonous effects on human. People, who used to live in their shelters, nearby the lake, have lost their lives because of the toxic effects on their health. 

4. Lake Mount Ranier’s Carter in Washington, US


This white beauty contains the scariest fact inside. This lake is always covered with snow and ice, which not only make it deadly, but was contaminated with sulphuric acid. Mostly, the volcanic rocks are strong in the world, but this one can be crushed easily with your bare hands, and could collapse at any point of time, which can lead to death.

5. Boiling Lake, Dominica


This bubbling superheated lake looks very fascinating but has taken many lives.

6. Rakshastal Lake, Tibet


People say that it is the only one poisonous lake in the world, where no fish or plants can survive in the water. The whole lake is divided into two parts-one known as Manasarovar, and the other is Rakshastal. The Manasarovar represents brightness as it’s of sun shaped, where Rakshastal represents darkness, from it’s crescent shape. It undoubtedly has brought darkness to whatever things tried to breathe in it.

7. Kivu Lake, Rwanda


This is another stunning beauty, with it’s exploding grandeur. The water contains various chemical gases. The mixture of carbon dioxide and methane is considered to be equally harmful for water bodies.